Friday, November 12, 2010

Trend : Vanitas


"Vanitas" is a term of Fine Arts which designates a genre of paintings. It comes from the latin and means "emptiness" and refers to the meaninglessness of the life on earth according to the Roman Catholic tradition. The paintings were there to remind people that they were mortal, by showing skulls, skeletons and dead things. This macabre custom lasted from the 16th to the 17th century, but inspired the next centuries a lot. For that matter, the skull has been present in many communities : pirates, hell's angels, punks, gothics, emos ...
 But what is more legitimate than Vanitas in Fashion ? It is vanity par excellence, something very superficial : no one will take his Louboutins with him after the death ... But Vanitas are not just here to remember us that we can die, they tell us to enjoy life. Plus, skeletons are really ironic on models who are often nicknamed like that. It is also a way to divert symbols of counter-fashion and uses them with humor and fierceness. Ghastly is the new Funky ! After the avant-gardist Alexander McQueen and the commercial punk Vivienne Westwood, many brands are producing macabre pieces.

Creation of the students of Temple University
 With the trend of Army wear, bullets bloom on the fashionistas in lieu of flowers, and are declined on necklaces and belts. Objects of death as fashion statements ! Vanitas are the next step. Death itself is an accessory. Skeletons are everywhere, in the most famous fashion magazines' editorials, on every celebrity and avaible in many brands' collections. It's not heavy metal anymore : you are not forced to sleep in coffins, but a bit of darkness will make you more "luminous" for your peers ! Showing a skull and some bones ( preferably not yours ) will make your look edgier. I have seen a skull hat and a rib cage necklace on Abby Lee Kershaw on Vogue Korea and spinal column heels at Dsquared2 !
Harper's Bazaar
 The height of the good taste is to wear macabre jewellery, but you can also dare the skull dress, such as the ones of Betsey Johnson, worn by Rihanna. Personally, I recommend a stylish dark blue dress of the brand Only and avaible in many retailers and online shops in Europe, for a very reasonable price. Mango will also soon release a gorgeous bracelet for the holidays : this year, Christmas will be rock'n'roll ! With those little wonders, you will shine of a dark light under the christmas tree, and your Metalhead cousin will be gobsmacked !
Vivienne Westwood

5 Octobre


Alexander McQueen


  1. I lobe the neck thing, it looks like bones!

  2. I agree that Vanitas is a fascinating subject with fascinating aesthetics that exert a powerful pull on human attention, but I'm not sure how comfortable I am seeing it in fashion outside of Halloween costumes... The spine necklace rocks, though!



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