Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Fashion : Isn't Kate Moss Who Want

 When I think "Daisy Lowe", what comes to my mind can't certainly not be described as "classy images". Daisy Lowe, even though she is considered as an IT girl, is no more than a starlet and not of the most distinguished. A quick look on Google will bring you many insights on her anatomy. For that, she thought she could compete with Kate Moss and create her own line of clothes. So, when she was approached by brand Morgan, she jumped at the chance.
Daisy Low for Morgan Necklace Pendant Owl 35 euros
 Morgan is a French brand, created after the anti-establishment spirit of May 1968, which lines are rather rock and impertinent, somehow pleasant, and their prices are generally acceptable. But since they went international, their choice of muses have been far from brilliant : it would certainly not come to my mind to choose Eva Mendes or Mischa Barton for representing my brand ! It looks like Daisy Lowe is the last of their fashion faux-pas ... The pictures, released in the press the week before, had not seduced me : too much flash, too much silly red lips. But it takes more to stop me.
Daisy Lowe for Morgan Full Sleeves Fur Coat 250 euros
So, yesterday, I went to one of their shops accross the Channel and stumble upon a clothes rack full of Daisy Lowe for Morgan. The first look is fairly good : black, silver, gold and black again. But then, I started to look at each pieces with more attention, trying them, and I was very disappointed. The few good clothes are truly unremarkable and could be found in every shop, even supermarket ... One of the collection main pieces, the owl necklace, is just an heavy copy of a necklace Mango showed last year.
Daisy Lowe for Morgan Long Lamé Short-Sleeved Dress 115 euros
 The rest is a combination of coarse pseudo British clichés of lightly dressed loose girls. The collection's theme is obviously party, as it is called "Oiseau de Nuit" ( Night Bird ) but apparently, Daisy understood something between nightdress and SM. These awfully long and stretch dresses in lamé -yes lamé yuk !- are an awake nightmare for every woman over size 1 and gives you a silhouette of poor Middle Ages' damsel, which won't seduce any Prince. Same with the shiny lace dress which looks good on picture but is loose and badly cut in reality. Indeed, the collection wants to be rock, so it contains a lot of leather. But Lowe's leather, even if it is truly expensive (!) looks excessively ... cheap.
Daisy Lowe for Morgan Shiny Lace Dress 125 euros
 It is not because leather shorts are trendy that you need to put everything in leather, especially not this hideous zip-up suit ! I spent a whole hour trying all the collection, going from horror to amazement ( how could we produce such a disaster ...??? ) without being disturbed by the sales clercks, who were looking at me with a sort of shame. Shame is the word, and Morgan will soon kicked itself and fire the person who suggested Daisy Lowe as the brand's new face. Daisy thought she will pull a "Kate Moss for Topshop", but instead, she confirmed her lack of talent ...
Daisy Lowe for Morgan Zip-up Leather Suit 349 euros


  1. Yeah Im not really seeing anything remarkable in amongst that collection. But I rarely do with these celebrity collections. The owl necklace is so overused now. I think every decent fashion blogger owns one of some sort!

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  2. I have to say i used to love Morgan's clothes!
    I like them less and less eveytime I enter one of their store...
    It looks kind of cheap and not classy at all... Some pieces even look vulgare!

    Mango is a much better choice!!!!


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