Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Decoding : What is THE Bag ?

Moschino Large Leather Bag 1040 euros 
 Of the Importance of the Bag

As a self-confessed 'bagoholic', I have always wondered why bags were so important for me, and for women in general. The bag is quite a paradox : both useful and aesthetic, it is the central point of an outfit, and also, of a woman's life. How could we live without a bag ? We put everything in it, it is almost a house ...  Mother, working girl or party freak, every type of woman needs to have everything at her fingertips. Sometimes, it could be a genuine brain-teaser ( "Where are my glasses ?", "Damn lipstick !" or "I was sure to have put my shopping list in that pocket !?" ) and it is often said that contents of a bag can describe the character of its owner. But it is way more than an object of transport. The look of the bag is definitely decisive for the image of the woman. Image you want to show, image your have of you or image you would like to have ? Really, the bag is a psychotherapy single-handedly !
Kate Moss for Longchamp Gloucester 990 euros
 IT Bag ?

It is the King of the magazines. Fashionistas swear only by it and try to convince you that you can't live without it. But what is it exactly ? An IT Bag is a designer bag for sure, but it isn't necessarely from the new season. IT bags are classics, their elegance is timeless and prevent you from any error of judgement. If you don't know what to add to an outfit, the IT bag is the easy solution, always welcomed by the fashion judges.
But is the IT bag the one for you ? It is not personal at all. It has been seen ten thousand times on the arm of various celebrities, from the classiest to the most vulgar. Yes for having the same bag than Kate Moss or Julianne Moore, but no to a copycat of Paris Hilton ! It is better to crush on the bag first, then to discover it is IT. But never buy one because you've been told to, that will be a decision you will regret.
Accessorize Double Bow Red Leather Cross Body Bag £45
 The Sexy Bag

You have certainly crossed the path of a woman who was clearly not fashionable, even absolutely hideous, with loose hair, men's clothes, well, a neglected appearance ... I am always surprised to discover their bags ! They are often really feminine, even aggressively sexy ... Quite strange ! A sexy bag is often a way to reveal your feminity that you aren't daring to show with clothes. It is also the prerogative of bimbos and starlets, such as Kim Kardashian and Britney Spears. Somehow, it is not the most elegant bag you can find, due to its flashiness, but there is always a time in a woman's life when it is required. Some buy it at adolescence, others when older. It depends on how you're assuming your sexuality.
Kathy Van Zeeland Sparkling Light Tote price on demand
 The Girly Bag

We all have at least one, we all dream about it. It is terribly cute and you never resist it in shops. It is cocaine, really ! The good point is that they're easy to find, and usually affordable. Sometimes, though, they drive us to go bersek and we put a whole year of salary into one of these little wonders. You can't describe it, but your true heart of woman recognizes it at the first sight. It is your soulmate, no more.
Prada Nappa Tote £2695
 Whatever the Price, it is a [...] ( Put any Brand in the Gap )

This one is quite beyond my understanding, I who prefer aesthetic and quality to labels. It is like glasses and T's with enormous logos. I don't know if you are aware of that, but the brands you worship are enough rich, they don't need you to play the sandwich board ! Chanel, Prada, Louis Vuitton, Hermes ... These are the brands that are fought over. Why ? Because ... well, because they are Chanel, Prada, Louis Vuitton, Hermes. That's the only point of those bags. If you find them genuinely pretty, it is okay, but I won't cut my arms for them. I often meet girls who are totally excited to show me their labeled last find : it is usually the less interesting bag of the collection, or purse or even a key chain, they're ready to buy everything if it's a label, with their little salary, just to show off. They're always deceived to see my reaction : you know how sarcastic I can be !!!
Love Moschino Large Fabric Bag 165 euros
 My Bag is my Way to Nirvana

This one is interesting. A bag as an object of spirituality. This is the supreme accessory of the bobos and the hippy-chic girls. Drew Barrymore has got tons of them. It is a way to show that you could be in Kathmandu instead of Manhattan. The boho bag is made of fabric or wicker, and has got patterns that would go from India to Spanish Inquisition. The message doesn't have to be clear, in the contrary, it has to be mysterious. You are a complex woman, half-traveler ( from the Starbucks in Newbury Street to the one in Commonwealth Avenue; you know, the true travels are in the inside, in your soul ... ), half-mystic, and 100% vegan. Your bag show your soul. Is your soul ?
Proenza Schouler price on demand
 My Bag is Art

Sometimes improbable, always a success. You want your bag to be a statement. Its shape is classical, but there is a detail that makes it unique, arty. Or it is completely odd, such as Gaga's meat purse. Whatever. You are an artist. You can only draw snowmen, the last time you've tried violin you've broke it and you burn your pastas ... That doesn't matter ! You have a bag that is a piece of art, so you are Art ! Who will dare to tell you the contrary ? Not me, honey, not me.
Mango Campero £69,90
 Leather or nothing

It is time to raise the hot question. Is THE bag inevitably a leather bag ? Leather is most of the time expensive, and some prefers to buy fabric bags or bags made of plastic and fake leather. I tend to avoid fabric because I live in a rainy country, and I want to protect my electronics and my notebooks. But it is quite difficult to find a good leather bag. They are often very rigid, bulky. But a fine one is definitely something that would warm your heart. Leather is primitive, it touches the birth of humanity. It is reassuring, sweet and also strong and durable. The bag you want to keep with you, your talisman is inevitably in leather. The shape varies, cross body bag, tote, handbag, shoulder bag ... That's a whole story. Personaly, I don't have preference, I love them all ...
Petite Mendigote Douglas Bag 105 euros
 The Military Bag

It is my last find. This season, Army is everywhere. Vogue showed us medals, and all the brands have coats with those typical knots accross the chest, called brandebourg, which were the distinguishing feature of the old fashioned uniforms. But if you are a true pacifist, or just uncomfortable with wearing military clothes, the military bag is made for you. Both trendy, beautiful and clever, it is my personal favorite of the season. I especially love the Sergeant Pepper Cross Body Bag of Accessorize : my heart of Beatles' fan is talking here.
Let's just pray that it won't rain too much as it is in fabric ...
Accessorize Sergeant Pepper Cross Body Bag £25
Ah, obviously the hunt of THE bag, the perfect bag, is endless ... Sometimes, you need a life to find it.
But you don't mind at all ... Because maybe the quest is what is more exciting !

Some websites where you can find THE ONE ( perhaps, good luck ! )


  1. Great selection and categories, I can´t make a choice..! so I´ll let my pocket do it ;P..regards..!

  2. Great post, a total bag breakdown. I discussed it bags a few weeks ago.
    Daisy Dayz

  3. this is such an amazing, thorough and spot on post. i too am a bagoholic, so i definitely appreciate this! =)

  4. Kate Moss for Longchamps!!! I love that bag!!!!
    That one and the Alexa are onmy wishlist for christmas :) !!!!


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