Friday, November 19, 2010

Holidays Shopping : Lucy in the night sky with diamonds

Tilda Swinton
 The ones who know my other blog "Midnight Blue Hawk" might have guessed my love for dark blue. Indeed, it is my favourite colour, so I have decided to devote the 3rd part of my Holidays Shopping list to navy blue dresses. To my mind, the person who embodies and celebrates the most this colour is independant actress and filmmaker Tilda Swinton. Mysterious, intense, this particular shade of blue that is at the same time elegant, unique and stunning, really reflects the singularity of the Scottish muse. It also reminds me of a painting of Dante Gabriel Rossetti, and there again, the woman is seductive and cold at the same time. Add Kate Middleton to the list, and you will be convinced of the power of dark blue ... So, if you want to add a little bit of enigma and fantasy to your holidays, here are some excellent dresses ...
Project D £290,00
 Let's start by the most expensive. Not really if you consider its beauty and quality. This delighting Grecian dress will emphasize any silhouette with its sensual lenght and its naked shoulder. The sober and delicate ornaments are very tasty and fabulously enhance the colour. Project D produces gorgeous formal dresses, and you will find real treasures for reasonable prices. £290 at Harvey Nichols.
Love Moschino at Yoox $195,00
 This one is in sale at Yoox, so you'd better hurry up if you like it. I'm always found of Moschino's designs and this cute retro dress doesn't fall short of the brand's reputation. I really like the narrowed waist and the gold details. Classic yes, but the elegance is timeless. And the price, for Moschino, is really great.
Rare Opulence at Topshop £95,00
 If you wish something a bit more festal and dazzling, you will certainly crush on that marvel as I did. Obviously, the brand Rare Opulence have decided to make our dreams come true. There is everything in that dress : it is sexy, fashionable, smart and sophisticated. Or to make it shorter : WOW ... It is a real starry sky, and you will be the star of the party for sure. What did I say in the last article ? Oh yes, God saves Topshop. Allow me to insist ...
Vero Moda 29,00 euros
 For smaller budgets, Danish ( yes I know, the name doesn't sound Danish but it is ) brand Vero Moda offers a very cute dress for a wonderfully low price. I really like the fact that the waistline is set off by these delicate lines of silver. The petticoat is also very attractive, and, once again, reminds of a constellation. It is simple yet gracious, and for less than £25,00. You can find this pearl in online retailers. If you don't find it, you can buy other beautiful ( dark blue ) dresses on Vero Moda online shop.
Motel £39,00
And, finally, my traditional pick of the day ... This time, it is this gorgeous dress from brand Motel. The alliance between the blue and the golden floral details is perfect. In other colours, the dress is unremarkable, but with dark blue, it turns into a very sexy and elegant party dress. The price is great too, so, let's go !

By the way, if you would like more gold, more luxury, I am sure you will be soon ecstatic : my next article is coming soon, with a lot more marvels to buy, to cherish and to dream about ... Wait and see !


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  3. Hey - what is the one from vero moda called? I cant find it on the online shop - can you help? it's just sooo pretty!


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