Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Holidays Shopping : Swan Lake

Natalie Portman in Black Swan (2010)
 Part 2 of my "Fashionista's Advent Calendar" ... Fiendish, with an aestheticism which mixes the codes of contemporary art, of animality and a bit of Star Wars' make-up art ( take a look at the poster ), Black Swan, of Holywood's next master Darren Aronofsky, stars that fashion-enigma that is Natalie Portman, a girl who seems to have always a leg up ( which seems appropriate for a movie about dancers ... ). So, to stay in the mood of ambiguity, grace and theatricality, here are some tips for fierce "Nutcracker" Holidays ...
Betsey Johnson $214,00
 The theme's colours are black and old rose for a successful mix of rock and romanticism ( "rockmanticism" in sum ). This Betsey Johnson dress is a good example with her classic corset and lace petticoat, at the same time ballerina and victorian waitress. Wear it with a warm shawl or a fur jacket for a bit of decadence, and dare the leather perfecto for a more informal look. Avaible in shops and many online retailers for $214,00. Yes, pricey, but it is the disadvantage of renown labels.
Pixie Lott for Lipsy £75,00
 If you have decided to go for a real Black Swan theme, choose the dark version of this Lipsy dress, created with British It girl and singer Pixie Lott. For only £75, you will have a party dress of quality ( I own many Lipsy clothes and I was never deceived ) which combines elegance and goth. I advise grey pearls and ballerina's shoes to turn into the new Grace Kelly. But if you have liked my article on Vanitas, you can push the dark side all the way and team it with skull jewels.
Rare Opulence at Topshop £165,00
 We are not afraid of the pastry effect and we rush on to buy this astounding masterpiece. This Rare Opulence dress needs to be worn alone, as a statement, barefooted is even better for a baroque Cinderella's manner. I'm joking for the bare feet, don't do that in Winter, darlings ... There is a mix of Lily Allen and Isabella Blow in this tulle. A hat will give it a touch of aristocracy ( 100% British and deviant ), think Philip Tracy and you will have all good. And all that for £165, it's really reasonable. God save Topshop.
Naf Naf 199 euros
 Manet's ballerina would blush of this dress of princess, she who is wearing the same dress since her creation ... I quote the painter and sculptor for a little trip to France : Naf Naf created this piece for its Fairy Tale collection, and it looks really magical. The skirt seems full, nearly "flamenco-esque", and it looks fresh and sweet. Sadly, it is only avaible for France and Belgium.
Sandro 245 euros
 Sandro is also a French brand, but you can easily find shops in Europe ( plus a lot of retailers such as Selfridges and Harrods in UK, and some online fashion websites ). This dress is hot on the heels of my limit of price (250) but I couldn't resist the crossover top combined with nearly transparent flounces and that gorgeous jewelled belt ... Expensive, yes, but it's not Christmas and New Year's Eve everyday ... Or we can decide it is !
Mango top £59,90 and skirt £99,90
Finally, here's my top choice : if the tulle reminds you too much the ballet classes you had in your childhood, opt for the feathers. If you are going for the swan, at least take its appearance ... Or do you want to be an angel ? The combination of the Mango top and skirt makes a perfect dress ( or you can buy a real dress with the same idea ), incredibly romantic and enchanting ... Avaible at and in brand's shops for £59,90 and £99,90, or £134,90 for the dress version ( without the feathers on the shoulders ).

Too pink, too wise for you ? Maybe you will find your happiness in the next part of my shopping tips ... Yes, much more to come ! Don't miss it, follow !


  1. the Mango skirt is reaaaaally pretty, and i love the colour too!

    so feminine!


  2. The last one like a dream!


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