Monday, November 15, 2010

Holidays Shopping : The Little Red Dress ( Revisited )

Marion Cotillard as 30s gangster's doll Billie Frechette in Public Enemies (2009)
 Mid-November, time to think about the Holidays if we don't want to be pushed for time. There are the gifts to buy for the family, with the annual nightmare of "what am I gonna buy for Dad this year ? And cousin Georgia who thinks that the 80s are still in vogue ?", the parties, the food we are going to regret soon after, etc. And we are starting to wonder if the holidays are as great as everyone think. One point to convince you : they are a great alibi to buy new clothes, especially gorgeous princesses dresses ... What we need here are some pieces of advice, some appetizers ... I've decided to start with the classic red dress, as red is the traditional colour of Holidays ( Santa, mistletoe ... ). Drop your Santa's hat, this year, you are going to rock in a retro dress, inspired by the elegance back from the 30s to the 60s.
Prada - Modcloth dress $79,99
 This trend of the retro have been brought back into fashion by Louis Vuitton and Prada. Talking of the Italian label, we are all aware that we can't afford one of their dresses. But, I have found for you a less expensive twin of the season's star : this retro dress is avaible on the American website A striking resemblance, isn't it ? And this one is only $79,99 !
Corey P at Kohl's $80,00
 If you don't like to copy, I have many other suggestions, under 350 dollars. The American chain of stores Kohl's offers a lot of retro dresses from brand Corey P. This crimson, wise and elegant dress will give you a look similar as Angelina Jolie in The Good Sheperd (2006).
Bebe Addiction $139,00
 But if you wish to channel a more femme fatale Angelina, this Bebe Addiction dress is for you : velvet is the height of trend this winter, and in red, it is at the same time luxurious and insolent. Avaible on and on shops, for $139,00.
H&M £9,99
 For the smaller budgets, here is the inspensable of the holidays ! For only £9,99, you have no excuse if you don't purchase this cute and shiny H&M dress. I guess the quality will be less interesting, but the fabric would at least look good for one night. Remember, you can buy online in some countries ( UK, Austria, Denmark, Finland, Germany, Holland, Norway and Sweden ); for the others, you will have to rush to the nearest store.
Hoss Intropia 317 euros
Finally, let me introduce you to my fashion crush of the moment : albeit expensive, this retro Chinese dress by Hoss Intropia is absolutely exquisite and will transform your holidays parties into a movie of Wong Kar-Wai. There is so much romanticism, passion and elegance in this dress I can't resist sharing it with you.

I know there are plenty of other gorgeous red dresses, these are just my picks for the pleasure of your eyes ( and perhaps of your wallet ). Until Christmas, I will add more finds to shop or to admire. Stay tuned and don't forget to follow !

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