Monday, November 29, 2010

Spotlight : Florrie under the apple tree

 Everyone knows that the competition is fierce in the industry between the models and the actresses to become the face of a brand. The great labels want famous faces in their advertising, in order to touch the fans. But when it comes to women and products dedicated to their beauty, the customers are more picky. Too sexy, an actress will produce jealousy and pique : "I will never look as good as her", but a model is not close enough of the daily women to provoke an identification. But the brands seem to have solved the problem : nearly an unknown person but who can touch many clients, the musician, man or woman, is perfect for the job.
She was no Timberlake, but when looking for a songstress for their new product, Nina L'Elixir, famous French perfumer Nina Ricci have fallen for a 21 years old British pop beginner. And yet, nothing predisposed Bristol-born Florrie Arnold to become a fashion icon. Singer, songwriter and drummer, the petite blonde was first a live musician for bands as various as Girls Aloud and Pet Shop Boys. But quickly, the fan of Jerry Lee Lewis and the Beatles have turned to a solo career in pop and electro music. Her sound, between Kim Wilde and Miss Kittin, seems very promising, and many trendy labels are now betting on her, after the release of her first EF, Introduction, which diffuses good vibes.
 The voice is of velvet, the atmospheres very dancefloor and mind-blowing material, but there is still way to go before Florrie become the new Robyn. She's got time, she's only 21 and a world of possibilities is opening in front of her. For Nina Ricci, she covers a song of Blondie, "Sunday Girl". More fruity and girly than her usual work, Florrie perfectly enrolls the brand's identity. The video is full of that pink and romantic imagery loved by the perfumer, obsessed by the Original Apple. The young singer is touching of freshness : could it be the perfect springboard ?

 But now that she is on the spotlights, Florrie needs to sharpen her fashion style. For the moment, she doesn't seem to be at her ease, hung on to her monochrome Chanel. But she'd better changes for more colorful and poptastic outfits, more adaptated to her music. I am not asking for another Lady Gaga, Kathy Perry, Roisin Murphy or Nicki Minaj ( please, no more Warhol-esque singers, we have enough ! ) but Florrie would deserve a more dynamic wardrobe, with more Versus and Versace dresses, of bright colors and prints. Let's hope she, or someone in her circle, would think about it ( or read my article, who knows ? ). Anyway, I wish a lot of luck and success to this young talent, who also allows us to hope : Fashion is not only for the "happy fews".
photos and Matthieu Zazzo for Grazia.

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