Wednesday, November 10, 2010

A girl, a style : Jessica Stam

 Topaz eyes, porcelain skin ... Jessica Stam could live naked, if she would play by the rules of an Arthur Rimbaud's poem. But the 24 years old doll is not only a model, but also an experienced fashionista. The Canadian model, who is the face of Nina Ricci's perfume Ricci Ricci is as feline as her advertisement's alter ego. Marc Jacobs created a bag with her name, Bulgari choosed her as the luxury brand's name : in brief, she's an icon of fashion. But you can be a good model and be a bad fashionista : it is not the case of "Stam".
 Seen at many parties, Jessica Stam always shines as a precious stone or metal. At the MET, she wears a somptuous blue Dior dress, showing that she knows the meaning of Art and Elegance.
She is also aware of how to emphasize her pure beauty and often chooses gold and silver dresses, skillfully structured and decorated.
 But Stam is also a very natural young lady and she doesn't hesitate to wear grunge-chic outfits, such as this Metallica t-shirt over a pair of jeans, with a cute hairdo. With that face, you can dare everything, and being a model doesn't mean that you have to be a well-behaved doll. A bit of madness is good for your style, and Jessica likes to play with it.
 Nothing to add : Stam, don't change, you're perfect. And to all the fashionistas out there, you can definitely pick her as a role-model, because I have never seen her make a fashion mistake. Her taste is sure, and her mix of boldness and simplicity is something to steal.

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  1. Jessica is definitely great, she is a burgeoning fashion icon. Comes across so mysterious, yet elegant, in the Ricci Ricci commercial (I even wrote about it a bit myself at my blog). It is a super fragrance as well. :)


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