Friday, November 26, 2010

Holidays Shopping : Queen of the Night

Cate Blanchett in Elizabeth (2007)
 To end the week in beauty, I will promise you the moon and the stars ... In this 4th part of my shopping for the holidays, you will be the Queen of the night, all in gilt, silver, arabesque, paisley and luxury ... At least, you will imagine you could be.
This theme is inspired by the majesty of British actress Cate Blanchett and her almost divine appearance. It is also directly influenced by the successful resumption of the brand Alexander McQueen by the talented Sarah Burton, clearly the Queen of the year. Two women, two atypical physique, but one taste for precious clothes. I have to admit that it was quite difficult to find affordable dresses for this theme, one point of gold and the prices are soaring. But, I think I have found enough gifts for your eyes to be forgiven ...
Alexander McQueen - H&M £19,99
 Craving for McQueen but having a really low budget ? The genius of the industry, H&M, has got the solution : for less than £20, you can imitate the abounding golden leaves of this expensive piece of the master. Plus, the shape of the bustier dress is sexier and more appropriate for the long nights of holidays. I wonder how the world would be turning without H&M ? It is quite a mystery.
Kinder Aggugini at Young British Designers £650
 This piece is only for the pleasure of the eyes, because, hey ! It is just £200 cheaper than a real McQueen ! I like the designs offered by Young British Designers but they could definitely make an effort on the prices ... Okay for helping young designers, but who is helping us ? Maybe one day, we will buy this dress, when Anna Wintour will stop saying that we need to get fired and will give us a job instead ...
Juicy Couture $378,00
 The prices are lowering and we are breathing easy. Let's forget that we are (still) poor and let's admire the charms of this Juicy Couture dress with its delicate flounces and golden adornements. Yes, I know, you would still need a bank robbery, but in our dreams, we can wear what we want, can't we ?
Corey P at Sears $29,99
 Finally, a friendly price ! But of course, you have noticed the absence of gold ... "The Silver Age" instead of "The Golden Age" : it is a consolation prize, but at least, someone is thinking about us. Corey P, for example, and Sears, who are offering us this delicious paisley V-neck dress for less than $30.
Marc by Marc Jacobs £140,00
My pick of the week is quite a surprise : I first thought that the price was wrong but I double-checked and I am very pleased to point out this gorgeous and reasonnable dress from genius Marc Jacobs. The royal laces print give it a touch of elegance and the shape is very rock'n'roll, perfect for a successful party and night.

Talented designers for a lower price : this dress is the evidence that something else is possible. Maybe the Industry needs to take us, humble customers, in consideration, and stop to sell us cotton at the price of gold. Because we are no queens, no duchesses. We are women dealing with the crisis, the unemployement, the raise of the rent, families, health issues ... Yes, we are not rich enough, but our opinion is counting. We could actually  be the decision-maker of tomorrow ... So, we need to be handled carefully. Like the princess and the pea ...


  1. I love the Marc Jacobs dress! It's so cute and I like that cut!

  2. The H&M dress is amazing! I love the coordinated coat as well, saw it in store the other day and fell in love with it!!



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