Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Trend : Gap-toothed Models

Do you have the impression of seeing double on the catwalks and the fashion magazines these days ? Don't panic ! It is just the consequence of the latest trend : everyone wants to have models with gap tooth.
The scientific name of this special feature is diastema : it designates the space between the two front teeth. It has been a long-past fascination for people. In the Middle Ages, it was a sign of lust. In Nigeria, it is considered as very attractive, and women even use surgery to recreate it. In France, it is called "dents du bonheur" (lucky teeth) and in India it is said to bring luck all your life. Some of the most famous women with gap tooth are singer and actress Vanessa Paradis, model Lauren Hutton, singer Madonna, who got it removed and actress Brigitte Bardot.
Perhaps it is because of that last one that it is now so trendy. It gaves a girl a sort of chic, and of insolence at the same time. Blond beauty with luscious lips and gap tooth are invading the world of fashion, like clones in a sci-fi movie. It is good for women who see their own teeth like a complex, but it is getting tiring to see all those girls who look the same. Instead, can't we have brunette or red-haired models with gap tooth ? Or models with other special features ? It would be healthier for our youth to see people proud of their unusual face.

Name : Lara Stone
Age : 26
Nationality : Dutch
Height : 5'10"
Seen : Givenchy, Louis Vuitton, Chanel, Lanvin, Fendi, Prada, Hermes, Jean-Paul Gaultier, Versace, D&G, Victoria's Secret, Vogue
Plus one : her small feet give her an unusual walk
Website :

Name : Abbey Lee
Age : 23
Nationality : Australian
Height : 5'10"
Seen : Gucci, D&G, Chanel, Chloe, Fendi, Gap, Alexander McQueen
Plus one : a pierced nose
Website :
Name : Georgia May Jagger
Age : 18
Nationality : British
Height : 5'7"
Seen : Vogue, Chanel, Versace
Plus one : daughter of model Jerry Hall and singer Mick Jagger
Website :

Name : Jessica Hart
Age : 24
Nationality : Australian
Height : 5'9,5"
Seen : Guess, Vogue, H&M
Plus one : appeared on MTV's The City along her musician boyfriend
Website :

Name : Ashley Smith
Age : 18
Nationality : American
Height : 5'8,5"
Seen : Elle, French, Berksha
Plus one : a pierced nose too
Website :

Tell me which one you prefer !


  1. personaly i hate the look
    well maybe not hate but it deffinatly makes me turnt he page...

    esther xx

  2. I think the gap-toothed look works not only because it's different, but also because the models look so cool and rebellious. The experts are right; it gives the girls the edge over the others. They can still close their mouth if the situation calls for it, anyway. LOL


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