Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Two girls, two styles : Zooey Deschanel and Katy Perry

The title could have been 'a girl, two styles' as they so look the same ! Both brunette with blue eyes, pale skin and similar faces, both singer : could Zooey Deschanel and Katy Perry have been separated at birth ?
Zooey was born in Los Angeles 30 years ago. She is -I catch my breathe- actress, model, singer, songwriter and musician. A very complete artist.
Katy, her, was born in Santa Barbara -just 2 hour away from LA- 25 years ago, and she is a singer, songwriter and musician. Not yet an actress and a model ? I'm sure she has considered the opportunity.

But do the similarities stop here ? Do they have the same style ?
At the beggining of Katy's career they did. Both were wearing pastel and retro clothes, girly dresses and loose hair. But then, Katy noticed the existence of the discreet Zooey and had evolved toward a sexier, catchier and more contemporary style, changing her hair colour and chanelling her inner sci-fi heroine and pin-up.

So, she left the romantic, wise and classic outfits to Zooey. But maybe they could sometimes pick in each other closet.
For the moment, the girls are succeeding in different careers, but perhaps their universes would collide in a common project, singing or acting. Who knows ?

Wouldn't it be great ? What do you think ? Do you prefer Zooey or Katy ?


  1. Wow, they really look alike!

    I have two friends - both with swiss and asian roots - that I met for completely different reasons at completely different places but they look so much alike that they could be twin sisters! It's really amazing! Sometimes I wonder if every person in the world has a look-a-like...

  2. I never even noticed. & heres a pic of Zoey's sister Emily Deschanel(also in showbiz)

  3. I have to give Zoe the edge here - 500 Days Of Summer is one of my favourite ever films.

  4. They could be twin sisters!!
    Well i cant compare them because they dont do the same things
    katy sings and she is really good at it! Firework and teenage dream are two of my favourites songs
    Zooey plays and she plays amazingly and me too 500 days of Summer is one of my favourite film


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