Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Trend : From Russia With Love

 In April 2010, Vogue Paris launched a Special Issue about Russia. In it, seven dresses created by famous designers specially for the event, and worn by model Natalia Vodianova. The dresses were later sold at an auction, which earnings were given to the organization Naked Heart, for the help of poor Russian children.
Natalia Vodianova for Etam
 Few months after, the same Natalia was offered to work together with the German brand Etam. They wanted to develop a line of underwear which would be a tribute to Natalia's native country. Again, Russia. Two years ago, it was Chanel. First denigrated, the Russian fur hat finally settled in Europe and North America, in every head, man and woman. Belgian designer Maison Martin Margiela created a giant version of it for this winter, but hopefully, our teenagers chose the Asos' version for a new trend of "gangsta trappers". But let's get back to our subject : Russia. The northern country, associated mostly with cold and vodka, is slowly making its way through the Westerner world of fashion.

Charming by Ti Sento
  Our designers are drawing their inspiration from the country of the czars and of Dostoievsky. My favourite of the moment is this cute bracelet of Italian jeweller Ti Sento, adorned with charms inspired by the Russian culture, i.e caviar, vodka, snow, matrioshkas ( those little dolls that fit in together ) and other patterns inspired by Russian art. I also love the winter collection of fellow country-brand Etro, which uses fur mixed with Soviet patterns : warm and elegant, like a novel of Tolstoi !
 But maybe soon we could shop clothes from Russian designers themselves. Indeed, during this year's fashion weeks, a particular attention has been put on the Slavonic catwalks. Names are starting to emerge : classic designers Svetlana Tegin, Slava Zaytsev, Valentin Yudashkin, Tatiana Parfionova, but also a young avant-garde, models and fashionistas who want to have their word to say on future fashion. New possibilities, new worlds, fresh blood : isn't it exciting ? I can't wait to see those newcomers getting into the battle. до свидания !
Slava Zaytsev


  1. So beautiful designs on Etro's clothes. It's time to put colours in our life...

  2. This is amazing, love all the pieces!!!


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