Tuesday, November 2, 2010

A girl, a style : Liu Wen

 Back in April, I was thrilled when Estée Lauder announced the names of the lucky models who would be the brand's next faces. Joining Elizabeth Hurley and Gwyneth Paltrow were Frenchy Constance Jablonsky and Chinese beauty Liu Wen. I was especially rejoicing for Liu, who is an adorable girl and a stunning model, who deserves more visibility, as Asian beauties are deserving it too. So, when I saw the photo of the campaign, I was more then satisfied. See it below !
 This shot reveals all the natural elegance and delicacy of Liu Wen. That's the hell of a good job ! Kudos to the photographer and to Tom Pecheux, the creative director.
If you don't know Liu Wen yet, let me tell you that she was the first Asian girl to walk for Victoria's Secret. She has been also the most booked model of the recent fashion week after her Lauder's rival, Jablonsky.
 This 22 years old sylph has kept her cheerful nature, and even if she wears the fiercest outfits for work, in ordinary life, she dresses with discretion,even a touching simplicity. And yet, the slightest thing makes her elegant. Is it due to her incredible silhouette ? Or to this amazing mouth which attract all the make-up brands ? Or perhaps this tourism student is born to be a model.
 Her entrance to the Western world of fashion is clearly a benefit for Asian models, who were running out of stream in front of our iconic blonds. But it is also a great piece of news for us. We can dream of a world where the models would be distinguished and graceful Asian women, with faces with character, rather than Eastern Europe chit of a girl with hollow cheeks and dead eyes ...

I have nothing against women of Eastern Europe, don't misunderstood what I want to say, but I'm tired to see brats dragging their feet on the catwalks as if they were forced to do that job. It is time to give back fashion to its real owner : Feminity. And I think that Liu Wen is a good representative of this notion ...
Don't you think ?

 More on Liu :
Images Estée Lauder, Lula Magazine, The Last Magazine and Vogue China.

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