Friday, October 29, 2010

Trend : Tip for an Original Halloween Costume

Kate Moss for Fred modified with zipper earrings
 The real nightmare of Halloween is to find a great costume. So, in order to help you being scary and trendy at the same time, I offer you this costume tip : Zipper Girl !
Zipper Girl is the most fashionable zombie out there. She still lives a bit in 2009, but it's a common thing for a zombie to be lost with time. Zipper Girl has, it is quite obvious, zippers everywhere.
The Bride of Frankenstein
 This shopaholic is the younger cousin ( some say older, but you know how women could be fussy with age ) of the Bride of Frankenstein, who prefered a more ancient way of fastening ... Zipper Girl is the modernist of the family : she wears leggings ( with zippers ), mini dresses ( with zippers ) and uses zippers as jewellery and accessories.
Too Fast to Live, Too Young to Die - Comme des Garçons - Philip Lim
 You can decline Zipper Girl in different versions : Punk Zipper Girl ( that's quite a classic, you're risking to find many girls dressed in the same way at your party ), Vampire Zipper Girl ( very trendy due to the teenagers' love for these bloodsuckers, but still a bit easy ) and Fashionista Zipper Girl ( perhaps the most scary ).
Sebastian Errazuriz
 For your costume, it is quite easy : you have to find a good zipper dress. I advice this convenient piece by designer Sebastian Errazuriz, ideal in case of faulty boiler or of flirting with a sexy Frankenstein. Remember, Zipper Girl is a showgirl : she is single-handedly the ambiance of the party. With that dress, you need some zippers stuck on your body. Avoid eyes, it could be dangerous, mouth will add something mysterious.
Alexander McQueen
And finally, your costume would not be a costume of Zipper Girl if you don't have zipper shoes. You can find a pair everywhere, as they have literally invaded shops for our greater disapproval. But for Halloween, it is a must ! If I were you, I would choose this pair of Alexander McQueen. With their skull detail, they will put all the creatures at your feet. But that's enough irony : I wish you a great Halloween, little monsters ...


  1. Great ideas!!!! and those Mcqueen shoes are amazing!!!!

  2. Thanks for your humour! So amusing in these dark times...


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