Monday, October 11, 2010

A girl, a style : Leigh Lezark

 If by chance, you didn't know Leigh Lezark ... Wait, you freakin' don't know Leigh Lezark ??? No, I'm just kidding. Leigh Lezark ( not Leigh Lizard, even if there is something reptilian about her ) is a model and DJ, famous for her apparitions at the greatest fashion shows. But, for me, Leigh is a doll. Look at her face, her skin, her hair ... I swear it, if I have had Leigh as a doll in my childhood, I wouldn't have shave her head and make her cheat on Ken as I did with my Barbies ...
 But the thing I like the most about Leigh is her philosophy of fashion. She's not afraid to go to a Chanel show dressed with a bodysuit which seems to come from the studio of painter Mirò or to model for the very crazy designers Viktor&Rolf. She's often in the 'Worst dressed celebs' pages of mag and blogs, but I give her kuddos for her boldness. Leigh is over all that. Leigh seldom smile. Call her Her Majesty Leigh. The 'Devil wears Prada', it's her, except that she wears Christian Siriano.
 From stylish to rockish, Leigh is always looking mysterious and a tad poisonous. Most of the time, she is this pale figure clad in black, little girl lost in an adult party with her bizarre costume. But it is exactly the poetry I like. Leigh Lezark is not a stereotyped IT girl, she doesn't care about the trends, she's doing them; and this is refreshing.
 Gareth Pugh, Henry Holland, Jeremy Scott, Leigh is always of the best parties, and the Misshapes, her band of DJs, is the original soundtrack of the fierce fashion fauna. Great sound by the way. A sort of 2010's Nico, gravitating in a world full of new Andy Warhol, with a better wardrobe. A wardrobe I would steal for sure, wouldn't you ?


  1. I dig her...sometimes a bit arrogant but her willingness to take risks and go for it, is cool...not hard to look at, either.

  2. I haven't heard of her before, but the combination of dark hair and pale skin is beautiful. Her style is originial, even if it isn't my taste!


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