Friday, October 8, 2010

Trend : Gold Versus Silver

Victoria Beckham - Aishwarya Rai
 'Crisis is behind us, phew ! Now, we can pull out all the bling we were hiding all that time !' It is what designers might have thought while developing their Autumn Winter 2010-2011 collection. So, in order to prove that we were rich again, they overdid on gold. A catwalk of Balmain is nearly blinding and the dresses of Givenchy are even merging with the gilt of the Parisian flat. Maje has resurrected the lamé, and other brands are declining it into jackets ( Isabel Marant and Dries Van Noten ), jeans ( Lee by Vivienne Westwood ), dresses ( Lanvin, Balmain ) and shoes ( San Marina ). It seemed to be good enough to last.
3.1 Philip Lim - Gareth Pugh
 But, surprise ! The Spring Summer 2011 collections are telling another story. If some are still pledging by gold only ( Alexander McQueen ), others have definitely turned the page, and are now digging another mine. Silver. Everywhere. Yes, after the profusion, the warmth of the winter, the designers are announcing a cold and minimalistic summer months. What violent splits ! The metallic color strikes at every outfit, from dresses ( Marchesa, Cerrutti ) to suits ( Krizia, Gareth Pugh ), becoming the colour of feminity and assertiveness.
Alexander McQueen - Cerrutti
 But at the premieres, it's a disaster : celebs don't know where to look at. Some are still wearing gold, some hasten to slip on silver dresses ... It is beggining to be a war between golden girls and silver visionaries : who is going to win ? Is it the end of the bourgeois gold, replaced by a more dynamic silver ? Too much gilt finally grossed us out. Let's put Balmain on ice and discover new talents such as LP. BG. !
Balmain - LP. BG.
 Other designers didn't take the risk to get into this fashion brawl. Shiny, admittedly, but it is less risky to choose colours. It is the case of brand Louis Vuitton, where Marc Jacobs decide to take the silk road, or Yves Saint Laurent. And you, are you going to claim loudly your love for gold or your passion for silver ?
My heart is torn between the two, but the lyrics of a 90s hits are coming back to my mind : "And they say silver, I choose gold, I'm not afraid to be alone, someone will judge her crazy soul, let the girl fight and she will know" ...
Givenchy - Marchesa

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  1. I'm still for the classic gold because it compliments any skin tone. And when it comes
    to being practical, you don't need to accessorize a gold outfit. Look at the hairdos, gold is simpler. All you need is confidence.


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