Tuesday, October 19, 2010

A girl, a style : Micky Green

 The cold is here, and we are all freezing right now, except for some lucky Southerners. So, I've decided to talk about a girl who knows how to warm a concert hall, and us, through her sunshined tunes. Let me introduce you to Micky Green. Micky rhymes with Funky, Cheeky, Girly and many more Sexy adjectives.
A great Fashion's admirer, Micky likes to hang around on the designers' shows with the bobos of Paris.
 There, she spots the best outfits, a bit retro, a bit Lolita, but always adorable. She is able to wear little dresses in Glasgow in December. Little dresses are all her life, she who started her musical career with the album White T-shirt ... White, sure, but colourful too. This 26 fair-head from Australia landed in France 3 years ago, and doesn't want to leave. I guess that French people don't mind, because she's so full of charm.
 Is Micky as sweet as her songs ? We don't know, because sweetness is not the best thing to built a career ... But at least, she seems to be as fruity, acting like a 60s pin-up in a commercial for something sunny. Ah, sun ... I don't know if it is her bleached hair, but Micky reminds me of beach, coconut's milk, ice-creams, and all these things related to the season we are cruelly missing now.
 So, let's put a CD of Micky and a little cute dress and dance, dance, in order to scare the greyness away and to raise the temperature.
"Come for some fun. Come for some sun ..."
Of course, it is working. I swear you.

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