Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Spotlight : Feminity According to Marc Philbert

 Some have accused him of vulgarity because of an advertisement for Axe which tended toward the image of the woman-object. But it would be really petty to reduce Marc Philbert's work to this. The French photographer is not very famous, yet he worked with many magazines such as Grazia. Time to know this artist a bit more ...
 Philbert seems to put a special accent on feminity. Curves, angles, nothing defy the lens of the Frenchy. The silhouettes are glam rock, glam at all, strong or frail, mature or youthful. Nothing is really defined, it is a game. Clothes are graphics, part of the painting, and the models are more brushes than canvas. Light is also one of the photographer's tools. Strong enough to emphasize perfect skins, but also smooth as a morning shot.
 Bodies disrobe themselves with modesty among chains and laces. Sober or fierce, the postures allow the spectator to witness the grace of a woman. I choosed only black and white shots, but Marc Philbert also know how to print great colors in our retina. Classic fashion photography for some, others will find his levity very pleasant.
 And after all, the most important is the pleasure we take, watching his photos. Everyone to his own insolence, and if for Philbert it was the deja-vu ? Lips-sweets, endless legs, arty photoshots, and more on his website : Don't steer clear of your eyes' pleasure ...


  1. It's a tough most of his work, he is sexy not misogynistic and the art directors may have steered the ad in a specific direction.

    I like the photos on their own...still on the fence about him, I guess.


  2. The importance of direction, especially when money is intended, is something we usually forget when judging photography. Glad you like, you're welcome.


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