Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Trend : I am a Giant Bubble Gum

Christopher Kane
 Yesterday, things have become a bit heated and I know one thing that helps calming down : sweets. Nothing better than a good bubble gum to relax. That also must be the state of mind of some designers. Maybe did they accidentally stick their gum on their fashion sketches ? At all events, this spring, Day Glo will come back from the 90s, and will leave the dance floors for the pages of Vogue.

Jill Sander
Parkas, Fair Isle and now fluorescent pink ? The Fashion Industry is seriously regressing to childhood ! It is genuinely thumbing our nose at our mothers, who told us not to roll our chewed gum out everywhere : now, we are dressing with it, at least, as if we have dressed with it. Take a look at next season's pink : the clothes are almost liquid, elasticated.
Maison Martin Margiela
 Not only visibly remarkable, but also comically ridiculous, bright pink seems to be one of those trends that is made just for fun, a mindgame in the middle of all those serious collections. The designs of Maison Martin Margiela are especially provocative, pitting pop delirium against sophistication. I guess the designers have died laughing behind the curtain when they saw the faces of the public in front of their flashy models ...
Martin Grant
We could have our share of laugh if some sheep-consumers would decide to follow the almighty law of the catwalks ... But let's hope the joke will end soon and that this trend won't stick to the catwalks too long. Because, seriously, could you wear that in bright daylight, without a mask, if you were a sane person ? I certainly won't. I prefer black chocolate ... But that could be an option for a carnival !

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