Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Fashion : Mango is Ripe

 It was a time when every actress was fighting to be the face of the most prestigious designers, Dior, Fendi or another Prada. But now, the ultimate snobbery is to do a campaign for a little brand, especially unexpensive and avaible for the little people. Charlize Theron has got Uniqlo, and Scarlett Johansson has got Mango.
Why Mango ? Well, I doubt she heard about the brand before to receive their offer. Mango is a Spanish brand, an equivalent to Urban Outfitter (USA), Lipsy (UK) or Naf-Naf (France). With the help of the iconic blond, they opened their brand to the world, and now the online shop is avaible from (almost) every country :

 When I saw that the shipping fees were free in September, I jumped on the occasion and bought two items for £55 (64€). The first item was a sweater that you can see in the 4th image. It is really cute, of quite good quality, and the colour fits any outfit. I was a bit deceived by the quality of the second item though. It is the blouse seen on the last image. I took it in beige, and it's elegant, but the cloth is not as pleasant as it seems : it is a bit too rough, and too much see-through. But, apart from these details, everything was perfect. I received the clothes within 3 days, in good condition.
The rest of the winter collection is quite nice too. There are a lot of adorable things, a bit more expensive, such as elegant dresses, cute fur boleros, and bags. The collection isn't big, but you have a good choice, from casual to evening. The basics have nice details, and are usually very unexpensive. They can be great alternative to designers' collection : indeed, you can easily recreate outfits from Chloé or Moschino with Mango. And the prices never exceed £150. Of course, it's not as girly as Lipsy, not as boho as Urban Outfitter, and not as elegant as Naf-Naf, but it is a great way to put some nice items in your wardrobe.
You can shop there :
Mango has also got shops in many capitals : Berlin, Santiago de Chile, Seoul, Zagreb, Athens, Tashkent, London, Ankara, and more !


  1. I love these! The 4th image is beautiful! I love the brown, navy and black together and I'm usually so traditional in that I hate black and navy and brown together and black and navy. I also like the last shirt, but I can see why you'd be disappointed in the texture. It definitely looks like it should be soft.

  2. Nice to see a review of Mango, I've been thinking about ordering from them!

  3. Thanks, I hope this article was helpful.


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