Thursday, October 21, 2010

Trend : Are the 20s Roaring Again ?

Chanel - Anna Sui - 20s actress Clara Bow - Olivia Palermo
 For several years, regularly, the 20s have tried to made their comeback in the catwalks. From mainstream designers such as Baby Phat or luxury, each year, we are announced that the 20s are trendy again. But the effect of surprise doesn't last, and only some pitiful celebs dare to wear the outfits on red carpets, inflicting us their bad taste. Mischa Barton, please, for the last time, I beg you to let your flappers' dresses in your dressing !
Unknown designer - 20s icon Laurette Taylor - Anna Sui - Victoria Beckham
 However, by dint of insistence, some elements of the 20s' fashion are becoming inevitable in 2010s' collections. The fringes, for example. We find it in the Spring/Summer 2011 collections of Loewe, Pringle of Scotland and Versace, even if it is given a modern twist. But the flapper's dress itself also ingrains whole collections, as in the Autumn/Winter 2010 Anna Sui's, which plays with all the 20s codes : glitter, cloth flowers, embrodery and fur.
Repetto - 20s icon Mae West - Agyness in Anna Sui - Chanel
 On the jewels' side, the bib necklace is this season's rediscovery. We can find it everywhere, from Chanel to The City's Olivia Palermo. Hairbands are also back, with flowers, pearls and feathers. The accessories are king of the new 20s' charm. Victoria Beckham, Blair Waldorf, the cloche hat is also the mark of elegance, of an old-fashioned bourgeoisie, very Oxfordian. Our feet are not the last to travel back in time : French salomé, heeled brogue shoes, every brand wants a pair, from Repetto to Tod's.
Anna Sui - Minelli shoe - Blair Waldorf of Gossip Girl - 20s actress Louise Brooks
But is the 20s the decade we need in modern fashion ? Recently, the 50s have made their comeback too, with their avalanche of "perfect wife" outfits, and the 70s are a strong reference in the popular "open-minded rock girl". Is he 20s' "liberated woman" a good consensus between the two ? Of course, elegance is there, and the hair were short, but there is something definitely kitsch, grotesque about these years, that seem to be only suitable for costumed party. So, do you think the 20s are a part of fashion history we have to respect and emulate, or something resolutely modern, that has its place in today's collections ?


  1. I think a lot of the decades are making their way into modern fashion. The 60s with the Jackie-O blazer, the 90s with all the flannel, and even the late 1800s with all the subculture steam-punk inspired looks. I would say the 20s are totally welcome. The shoes are to die for and the hats are beautiful. My only issue with dressing for a certain decade is going overboard. Don't let your modern look fade because you like the 20s, use the 20s as an inspiration. Great Post!

    Curvy With A Side Of Confidence

  2. I hope the 20's are making a come back. I am certainly very influenced by that type of fashion.

    I love the picture of Blair Waldorf in the last photo. I love gossip girl (:

  3. Great post by the way! Personally I'd love to see anything besides 1970's at this point, since designers keep on rehashing that decade to death!

  4. I love 20's fashion, it's so luxurious!xoxo


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