Thursday, October 14, 2010

Fashion : Lilly Marthe Ebener, alpaca spellbound

 As promised, today we are continuing our travel in the world of wool, on the occasion of the London Wool Week. After the surrealistic shores of Sandra Backlund, I invite you to the wild mountains of Lilly Marthe Ebener. Ebener is the answer to a petty assertion which says that fashion journalists are frustrated designers : wrong, so wrong. This Parisian fashion editor has turned to be one of the most promising designers of the next years, showing that the two occupations weren't incompatible.
 Ebener's wool is primitive, exotic, yet soft and civilized at the same time. Her clothes are made of a mix of alpaca's wool found in the Andes, silk and merino : the height of luxury for silhouettes of adventurers. For the wolf is never far from the lamb in Lilly Marthe Ebener's designs. Oversized sweaters and long cardigans are  a new fur for the woman, a free animal returned to nature. Behind those bright colors, signs of modernity, the stitch is hiding a steppe wolf, genuine adaptation of Hermann Hesse's novel.
 These clothes are made for travel, and not a pretentious trekking in the Himalaya, nor a road trip à la Kerouac. No, these clothes are made for precipitous roads, inhospitable forests, dangerous cliffs and sulphurous marshland, on horseback or testing your strenght to walk. Even in the middle of a city, you will look like Marco Polo. It is the magic of clothes which give you your animal instinct back.
 But you will also be seduced by the pleasure to wrap youself up warmly inside this soft and large cocoon, with its energizing colors. A real pleasure in winter, a little bit of your bed in the middle of a work day : isn't it great ? Ebener's sweaters are more than armours against the cold, they remind us of the womb of our mother. You will have only one urge : placing youself in foetal position, pulling the panels of your cardigan around you, in the middle of your office. But, before, remember to tell your colleagues not to disturb you. Nobody interrupts a Lilly Marthe Ebener's moment ...

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