Monday, October 25, 2010

Decoding : There must be a law against THAT

 This is totally the article that is going to cause a stir : how can I dare attacking a 9 years old who is clearly enjoying herself ? I dare, I dare for the good of our world and our mental sanity. I didn't have any feeling against the Smiths before. Alright, they've decided to push their elder on the Cinema Industry. They're both experienced actors, we need kids for roles, alright, alright, that's their choice, and I am not forced to see their son's movies. But I started to hate them, yes HATE, when I saw their younger hanging on in post-techno-pre-lunatic-asylum outfits and invading my ears with irritating Rihanna-like songs. I can't stay there and watch the massacre happens.
 People clearly don't remember Britney Spears. Little Brit-brit was a music egghead at only 3 and seeing the rest of her life and what she passed through, I would have think that it will be a case of conscience for parents who were tempted to throw their projeny into the lions' den. But, it seems that few people have made two plus two. A child need to have a childhood, i.e. having children's concerns : games, school, caring parents. To my mind, allowing them to go to TV shows to promote their last album or their last clothes' collection is not a favour, but an evident mistreatment. Yes, life is golden for them now ... But if it isn't when they grow up ? Think Macauley Culkin.
 Sure, Drew Barrymore is okay now, but how many committed suicides, are still in rehab and in therapy ? Do you think it is healthy to make a little girl believe that she can be the queen of an industry that is cruel with adults and that she will still it all her life ? Beside that, I can hear you yell already, those kids are no more than robots, whose pretentious twit's attitude deserve only one thing : a good slap. Please send back Willow Smith to her plastic mike, Cecilia Cassini to her Barbie and Lindsey Wixson to her mirror ( is her face even REAL ??? ).
 Tavi Gevinson ? I guess there are always an exception that proves the rule. Tavi is clearly advanced for her age. You're yelling again. Why am I making an exception for her and not for the others ? Three points : 1, she likes Daria, and the fans of Daria never stab each others in the back ( yes, I know, this is not really a concrete point,but I have to put Daria Morgendorffer somewhere in this article, she would have loved it ), 2, more seriously, if you want to ignore Tavi's existence, you definitely can : she's not on TV, not on radio, not everywhere on your homepage in internet, and 3, there's a big difference between having a blog on a subject and thinking you ARE the subject.
So, please, Mr and Mrs Smith, and also the parents out there who are obviously living celebrity through their little kiddies, take them back home, burn their outrageous clothes, put their hair in pigtails and force them to sit at their desk to learn their math lessons. You will do them a great service. And do us a greater.

Because another music video of Willow will clearly drive a thousand more people to see their psychologist.


  1. Personally I adore Lindsey Wixson. She's 16 years old after all, not a little 9 year old child. Great models like Karlie Kloss, Chanel Iman and Kasia Struss all started modeling at even earlier age, so I think 16 is pretty reasonable. I also love Tavi Gevinson; her blog and style are great.

  2. I agree completely, I think kids should be kids and not their parents' robots for what they missed on life..

  3. Honestly, in response, I'd have to say I really don't think Will & Jada are making their children do anything. I think they were just blessed to have talented children who want to live out their dreams at an early age. No one threw a fit when Jaden Smith was exposed to the world of entertainment when he starred in Pursuit of Happyness with Will or his recent movie Karate Kid with Jackie Chan. And he's not even a real teenager yet! I think their kids definitely have a choice - they just choose to be rockstars :)

    It's funny I'm reading this now, I actually drafted a post about celebrities and their fashionable kids lol. I'll probably post later this week. Great post Sam!

  4. I agree. I'm so concerned about Willow Smith. She should be having out having fun with the kids. She has the rest of her life to be an adult! Her parents know this best of all and I think it's completely irresponsible of them!xoxo

  5. I think a huge difference (this is going by what I read and see) is that yes Tavi is advanced for her age. When you read her blog she comes across as an intelligent, insightful person who has interests outside blogging, and fame. I don’t know much about the other 3 child celebrities you mentioned (not a big tabloid reader) but its all about balance and hopefully the parents have the insight to do what's best for their kids and not get consumed by money and fame.

    Going by the pictures in your post I really cannot stand the fashion sense of Willow? Smith. What is all that craziness, the layers, the colours, the textures? WAY too much.


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