Friday, October 15, 2010

Fashion : Clarissa Labin, Rock'n'wool

 The week is now finishing, and the yellow sheep of Selfridge could return to their usual pasture. Our travel will end too, and we are doing the opposite journey, from countryside back to the cities, with our 3rd wool designer. Clarissa Labin is a urban creature. This German designer have graduated with honour from London College of Fashion in 2000, and have worked in the biggest capitals, with the most exciting people : in Paris with Christian Dior, then, in Stockholm with H&M. Growing as an expert in knitwear, Clarissa finally moved back to Berlin to found her own brand.
 Very far from the universes of Sandra Backlund and Lilly Marthe Ebener, this other European wool artist would attract a largest public due to the wearability of her designs. The sweaters are made for everyday life, for the streets, and yet they aren't casual. Mixed with leather, they are the new Perfecto, an edgier way to show your rock soul.
 Labin uses a lot of colours too, and these are very pop, stimulating, in the grey streets of winter. I especially like her joyous yellow, and her candy nude, shy and daring at the same time. Boyish or girly, everyone can find happiness in her collection, and you can play with the clothes to infinity, as they can be wear with every outfit, on every occasion, working day or party night.
 If you were a bit afraid of the excesses of Blacklund's designs, the simplicity and class of Clarissa Labin's clothes will reassure yourself. They are more down to earth, more suitable to our modern life, our life of women with what it means. For the moment, the clothes can only be bought in few countries, but I am sure that the brand will developp to a worldwide success.
retailers avaible in Germany, Sweden, UK and USA, see list online.


  1. How Beautiful! And wearable too!
    Lovely photos. Keep me updated!


  2. Wears which give us urge to be in winter!!!

  3. Wool is one of my favorite fabrics... it's so comfortable. Thank you for finding such amazing styles for us!

  4. Ohhh how I love the Grey knit...the yellow is intriguing as well!!!

  5. I agree with Anonymous: winter can be kind, isn't it.


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