Monday, August 2, 2010

Fashion : Maje knows what a woman wants

I have already talked about the most famous designers of France, but the country is also a genuine fishpond for young designers and affordable great brands.
Maje (pronounced M-A-J-E ) is a brand founded in 2000 by Judith Milgrom. This summer, I especially love their collection.
The tones are very natural : beige, white, and taupe. The absence of bright colors is counterbalanced by sophisticated details, like precious embroidery, discrete lace and baroque sequins. The use of denim in girly blouses clashes with grungy pairs of jeans.

Most of the outfits reveals the legs, and I am really found of their shorts, in interesting fabrics. Worn with a basic white t-shirt and an elegant jacket, they are the new chic, as pretty in the beach as in parties and offices. The skirts and dresses are really short too, ideal for summer afternoons.
This collection genuinely reflects the French woman. She doesn't wear a beret, a wise knee-long skirt and Haute Couture ! She wears confortable yet elegant clothes, at affordable price, fit for the city and the changes of weather, with a scarf and a jacket. She is not walking in stilettos either, in the contrary, she prefers boots and bigger heels.
But she knows that the little plus of an outfit are the accessories : bets, jewels worn as usual or around the head, and bags. Maje really understands that and offers clothes easy to wear and pretty to look at to women around the world.
My models wear outfits from Maje Spring/Summer 2010 Collection.
Want to be a model ? Contact me.


  1. Thanks Samantha is amazing, the graphic and the look, so trendy n stylish, i also like wht u wrote, xoxo Filipa

  2. What a fsbulous collection, and you're such a good graphic designer :) xo Sanne ♥


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