Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Tribute : The Legacy of Alexander McQueen

I have to admitt I wasn't a fan of Alexander McQueen during his living, and that I was sceptical about the demonstration of love that everyone showed after his death. But then, I came accross his last creation, the Fall Winter Collection of 2010. And then, I started to understand.
Jewels, pure jewels. Dresses like the costume designers of TV serie The Tudors would dream about.

Amazing details, fabrics, embroderies and colours.
This last collection is the archetypal illustration of what Haute couture is. The inspirations are more classical than his previous collection. Here, you find Persian prints, Grecian drapé, Renaissance's splendour and imperial luxury.

Watching this gorgeous profusion of details and obviously huge work, I think to myself that it never have been that good to feel wrong. Those dresses are made for a museum of Fine Arts, not for a living woman. The pattern of the feather repeats itself in every model, and you would think this is a collection made for angels. It is even decadent, as it seems too luxurious for our world, like the last collection of Givenchy.

The only decent place where these dresses could be worn is an historical movie. Perhaps we need to think Fashion again. Is it a race toward the Absolute clothes, where the woman is just a way to show them, or is the real purpose a way to emphasize the woman ? For me, clothes must be a bit more discreet, to reveal women's true beauty.

So, to my mind, collections like McQueen's are Art, not Fashion and belong to our History, not to Premieres of movies or parties. And I think it is what Alexander McQueen wanted to give us, as an heritage : something to think about the price of our life, and what is important. We will never be happy because we are wearing a dress that cost a monstruous price and because it is from that designer that is so trendy. Happiness is in our capacity of believing in the beauty. In our own beauty.
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