Monday, August 30, 2010

Spotlight : Ailine Liefeld, a World of Delicacy

This Berlin photographer recently made the front page of FlickR. I was immediately seduced by her treatment of the light. It is soft, delicate, very far from the awful, harsh light of Terry Richardson. Ailine Liefeld's light isn't agressive with her models, but instead, seems to caress them.
Her shots are uncluttered, without ceremonial, and focuses on the woman -or the man, I am really found of her male portraits- or the details of the outfits, that are always charming.
Browsing through her work is extreamely refreshing.

Working under the nickname bCaptured, she is always ready for spontaneous shootings in Berlin, and even has got an interesting project called 'Freunde von Freunden', dedicated to interiors of fellow Berlin inhabitants. An interesting way to learn about your neighbours. You can contact her if you want to join the project.
Too bad, her website isn't working yet, but it isn't really hard to find her pictures on internet : FlickR, Deviantart and more, offer a tour inside her world of peace and light.

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  1. not only the light but the styling of all of these shots is amazing!! beautiful find!


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