Friday, July 30, 2010

Spotlight : Let's rock with MaRaDinn

Let me share with you my last find on FlickR, the place where talents gather.
MaRaDinn is a 23 years old Athenian singer who started photography as a hobby, shooting her friends, models and singers, before turning her passion into a real job.
As her photos are getting more and more professional, her unique talent is revealed.
Girly, glam, yet a tad grungy, her work shows every aspect of the entertainment's world, with its glitter and its flowing mascara. Her models show their insolent charms in her edgy and modern shots.
From grace to decline, her subjects are always depicted with beauty, art and you can feel a strong influence of contemporary culture in her style.

Find more of MaRaDinn's work on her FlickR page,
MySpace and DeviantArt page
By the way, if you wish to see your work or one of your favourite photographer featured in this section, feel free to contact me !

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  1. So kind ^_^
    Really glad u like my work ,
    thnk u again so much !



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