Friday, August 6, 2010

Trend : Pixie Crop Someone ?

The picture that is making the front news in the fashion blogs today comes from the Facebook page of actress Emma Watson.
"Yes, I cut my hair off a few days ago ! I love it --I feel incredible. Hope you like it !" the Harry Potter star tweeted last night. On her Facebook page, she adds : "I've wanted to do this for years and years; it is the most liberating thing ever."
The youngster is certainly trying to put her Hermione's past behind her, and to celebrate at last her admission to adulthood. But she is not the first to have sacrified her hair on the altar of an ageing Hollywood : British actress Carey Mulligan already made a great sensation with her short hairdo on the Oscars' red carpet.
Their haircut is called a Pixie Crop : it made its breakthrough during the sixties, sporting by actresses and icons such as Jean Seberg and Mia Farrow. This year is celebrating its 50th anniversary, and in the same way as the Liberty, we see it everywhere.

But is it relevant for every woman ? I personally experienced it once, when I was 16, and I consider it as one of my own greatest fashion disaster. If you don't look like a pin-up, all doll up 24 hours a day, you will certainly be called "Sir" by a tired shop assistant, be mistaken for a Slavonic refugee or a cancer survivor, and your sex-appeal will dangerously drop before the end of the day.
So, what do you need to wear the pixie crop with success ? First, you have to be a brunette or a redhead. It is a high-risk choice for a blond girl. On actress Michelle Williams, it does look great : she is fresh and mischievous and it matches well with her wadrobe, made of little dresses with elaborate necklines. At the beggining, Agyness Deyn looked great with short hair, but now, she is nearly shaved, and she looks more like a junkie than a top-model. What a disappointment !

So, be careful : not too short ! American actress Mena Suvari is almost disfigured, and we really suffer for her. Avoid it also if you like dressing with boyish clothes, or you will be mistaken for your skater younger brother, so does singer Pink.
Everyone is not Jean Seberg, get it !
For darker hair, it is a classier choice, especially if you mix it with dresses and delicate earrings. Bigger jewels would make you look cheap.
Actress Ginnifer Goodwin is very glamourous with her black pixie crop, and she matches it well with a natural make-up and graphic outfits. If you are bold, you can wear it like Rihanna, and change of colour everyday. But pay attention ! The second condition to look good with a pixie crop is to have a great figure and to be rather small. If you are a tall walking skeleton like Victoria Beckham, please, grow hair and eat a cheeseburger !
It is also a bad thing if you have a boyfriend with the same hairdo, wearing the same clothes as you, like poor Kathy Holmes ... It would be ridiculous !
So, did Emma make the good choice ? She is red-haired, with a pale skin, rather small but thin : depending on which dress she would wear, she would look like a little angel. But I advice her to let her hair grow at least a little bit. Hair are a woman's most beautiful gift, and it would be a shame to refuse it.
Plus, it really makes somebody looks older, and wearing his auntie's hairdo is never a good idea.


  1. Idk. Emma Watson's one of my fav. actresses...I think it suits her. Rihanna's suits her too. I think it depends on your hair color and natural looks.


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