Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Trend : Venus in Fur

PETA was very happy when the crisis showed its face, the association of defense of the animals thought that, forced to cut their budget, the rich grannies would stop buying furs. But it was without counting on the asteroid of the season. Coming back from the ages, the fur muscles into the modern fashion's debate. Of course, some are fake, but some animals, not threaten of disappearance, are still used to make clothes. That doesn't seem to cause a stir in the Fashion world. This Winter, fur is everywhere, the new whim of fashionistas, and they stick by it. That will make the fur fly !
Adieu snobs and villains ! Fur is the new leather, a decadence which flaunts itself on every catwalk, from Chanel and its Teddy Bear silhouettes to Burberry Prorsum and its adventurers of the ... Lost Chic. The wire woman is over, now is the time of the bouffant, spicky and bulky furs. Every part of the fashionista disappears under it : the face seems tiny under the gigantic fur hats, no more necks, muscular-like shoulders, muffs of patholigical thickness, and Chewbacca's legs used as boots. Cold, what's that again ?
Well, that won't be a convenient trend to wear in your overheating office, and you risk to faint in the middle of your fitting inside the Fendi shop. But in the subway, you will always find a seat, all the allergics having turned tail seeing you coming. Yes, I am a fierce defender of the usefulness of Fashion : every trend has got its positive points, even the most improbable. And this one is a winner, all categories. Alexandre Vauthier already saw it coming, and even offered to wear those 'little bubbles of blaze' in plain summer. The more masochist, the merrier.

But, like every fashionista, I can't resist this little weakness. So, I plan to move to far-off lands : I hesitate between Minnesota, Siberia or Greenland. After all, 'ermine fur adorn the imperious', and I guess it would be the hypest to open a Balmain shop in the middle of an Inuit village. Or not. Actually, I think I will stick to lined coats and boots and fall for an adorable bag made of fur. I would be too afraid to make a grizzly angry. And it will prevent me to choose between eco-freak and trend-freak ...
From high to down and right to left :
- Tilda Swinton in her role of the White Witch in the movie The Chronicles of Narnia : The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe of Disney, coat Fendi, our majesty Elizabeth II, Freda Beha Erichsen for V Magazine, Dita Von Teese for UK Glamour
-Fur hat Maison Martin Margiela, coat Chie Imai, jacket Valentino, photo Thomas Sing, fur hat Pamela Roland, coat Michael Kors, boots Roger Vivier, Disney's Cruella De Vil
- coat Topshop, Raquel Zimmermann for Vogue Paris, bag Mango, The Woman With Ermine of painter El Greco
- Liane Haid, coat Balmain, coat Escada, bag and boots Chanel
- Dress Miu Miu, coat Alexandre Vauthier, bag Cartier, Kasia Struss for Numero Japan
photomontages by Samantha Tyler

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