Thursday, September 23, 2010

Trend : The Little Red Fashion Book

Winter is coming, the trees are turning red, so does Rihanna's hair. The fashionistas are positive : the red will set fire to our wardrobes.
Red like a guitar : it will be the color of the rock attitude, of the provocation. Red leather, carmine nails, and bloody lips will be the essentials of the winter.
Greyer the sky will be, brighter the red must be. This season, it also will be really classy. Suits, elegants sweaters and feminine shapes, you must forget your shyness and dare the red domination. A vibrant tribute to the oldest symbol of feminity.

Almost all the great designers spiced up their collection with the obsessive colour, but also the department stores, so you will find affordable pieces of red : if you don't adapt your wardrobe, it will be inexcusable ! From head to toes, in total look or subtile points, you can play with it to infinity.
So, red clothes at night, fashionista's delight, red clothes in the morning, fashionista's dazzling ...
Red Alert : Givenchy outfit, Mango jacket, YSL nail varnish
Red Thread : Dior bag, Giorgio Armani coat, Irene Van Ryb shirt, Chanel pants, Naf-naf sweater
Rouge de jalousie : Givenchy outfit, New Look boots, Giorgio Armani dress
Red Passion : St John coat, House of Harlow bangle, Louboutin boots, Cerruti outfit
Red fusion : Marchesa dress, Dsquared dress, Furla bag

photomontages by Samantha Tyler.


  1. My dad actually has this old, bright red electric guitar from when he was in his teens :P

    Yesterday, I painted my nails this dark, Bordeaux wine red :)

    But otherwise, red doesn't suit me at all. Kind of weird since I have a shade of brown hair that would look great with red :\

  2. Very beautiful pictures: a well-linked work with the subject.

  3. Thanks.
    Selina, you should jump into the water and try it, maybe not a total look, but a bag or a scarf, you'll see, that will be perfect with your hair !


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