Monday, September 27, 2010

Decoding : Bestiary of the IT girls

Each day in the Vanity Fair, these mysterious creatures appear, dressed in their best attire. The general term which differentiate them from the usual Fashion fauna is 'IT girls'. But, as every family usually countains different species, I studied them, and classified them into 5 different animals, all exploited in the business of fashion.

The stoat

This distinguished animal loves media coverage. Always changing of appearance, it prefers to go out at night, where the wild life is, and invades the places that attracts the right sort of people. All smile and pin-up attitudes, the stoat girl remains a carnivore : she knows exactly what to do, where to go, who to befriend and why. She has got career plans and you won't be in her path, unless you want to be bitten.

Alpha female : Chloe Sevigny
Experienced females : Blake Lively, Peaches Geldof
See also : Taylor Momsen, Pixie Lott

The crocodile

It is the sulfurous kind. Always edgy in its attire, the crocodile likes dark water and the compagny of its fellows, underground artists, rockers and bad guys. The crocodile girl cultivates her dangerous mystique to impress, which always induce people to celebrate her like a goddess. She eats almost everything that pass near her teeth, and attacks every kind of job, as long as it is provocative and sexy.

Alpha female : Kate Moss, the Great Goddess
Experienced females : Agyness Deyn, Daisy Lowe
See also : Lindsay Lohan, Lou Doillon

The rabbit

Among the IT girls, it is the most adorable looking one. The most widespread, the rabbit girl is always of good company, in the fashion shows or in the parties, she is always nice and popular, thanks to her appearance of plush. In fashion, she likes experiments and doesn't hesitate to wear outfits that are sometimes mocked by the Fashion fauna. It doesn't matter : cute things can wear everything, they always will be cute.

Alpha female : Drew Barrymore
Experienced females : Alexa Chung, Rachel Bilson
See also : Emma Watson, Nicole Richie

The lynx

That is one mysterious animal. It always seems to live in another space, preferably a dark, wild forest. Its physical appearance is very recognizable, with its fascinating eyes, its rolling gait and its out-of-time outfits. Placid, the lynx girl is even the most active, and you can see her everywhere. Perhaps because she is always the first to get up, in order to get the best jobs first.

Alpha female : Raquel Zimmermann
Experienced females : Freja Beha Erichsen, Casey Mulligan
See also : the Olsen sisters, Poppy Delevigne

The lamb

It is the most glamourous one. The lamb girl always looks juvenile and is always dressed with the latest trends, insomuch she passes as a featherbrain. But take care to her beatific smile, she will not hesitate to show her teeth if you try to put a foot on her grass. Under the most luxuous outfits, she still have a country girl side, which is always a bit wild.

Alpha female : Jessica Alba
Experienced females : January Jones, Natalia Vodianova
See also : Taylor Swift, Donna Air

***As you can see, I haven't drawn for a long time and it's still a bit crappy, but I'm working on it.
Miss Stoat's outfit is inspired by Dolce & Gabbana, Miss Crocodile's by Hermes, Miss Rabbit's by Chanel, Miss Lynx's by Fendi and Miss Lamb's by Christian Dior.


  1. So funny and very good drawings!!

  2. I love this post! Incredibly funny and witty.

  3. Cute! I think I like the Rabbits best.

  4. I like the Rabbits too, and I think that Zooey D would fit into that category as well!

  5. Thank you very much for your comments !
    Lisa, I agree, and Miss D have her own article in my blog, if you wish to read it :)


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