Tuesday, September 28, 2010

A girl, a style : Ginnifer Goodwin

These days, I think the actresses more and more awfully adviced in their fashion choices. They think that a dress is made to impress, not to emphasize their beauty, and they all chanel their inner Gaga. It's not the case of Ginnifer Goodwin. Long-past, Ginnifer had been one of my favourite stylish actresses. She understood that Less was More, and that girly and sophisticated outfits fitted her angelic face marvellously.
The 32 years old American actress, most famous for her roles in HBO's Big Love and the chick flick He's not that into you, has got a taste for designers, but she never chooses the snazziest
dresses. Marc Jacobs, Prada, 1 OAK, Escada, Stella McCartney, Yves Saint Laurent, Brian Reyes, Moschino, Bottega Veneta ... She knows who the best are, and is always one trend in advance.
One proof is her Pixie Crop, done before everyone, and which really suit her appearance and style. She plays with fashion, sometimes wearing cute little dresses, sometimes effortlessly elegant in boyish jumpsuits. I especially applaud her choices of jewellery, not always her choices of make-up, which should be a bit more visible. Aside that, she scores a deserved A.

I hope that more actresses would follow Ginnifer's steps and think about their wardrobe a bit more, because clothes are very important for their image. Keeping dressing in black little dresses makes you look dull, and it's certainly not good for your career and social life. Like Ginnifer, dare the colors, prints and various shapes Fashion has to offer. And more importantly : choose what fit you best, don't just stupidly follow the trends, you have to be more picky.

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