Monday, September 20, 2010

Trend : This winter, we will all ...

This winter we will all thank our grandmother's knitting skills
Indeed, the stitch is the latest trend of this winter, and Grandma will be so happy when she will see you at Christmas, in a total knitwear look of D&G : "Oh, Darling, you should have asked me, I would have knitted you a jumpsuit !" Remember the ugly Fair Isle sweater she gave you the previous years ? It is time to take them out and to wear them boldly in the next party. Soon, nobody could catch you out in wool art. You will worship the Great Goddess of Knitting, Sonia Rykiel, and hint your friends about the next big things, Lilly Marthe Ebener and Clarissa Labin. For once designers realized that winter meant cold, we are not going to complain that we all look ridiculous ...
This winter, we will all own a Time-Machine
Who could have thought that Doctor Who would become the fashion icon of the season ? The Past is the new Future. So, this is time to search your attic for some old-fashioned things. To look like a rigid housewife ? You're not even scared, especially if you are wearing Louis Vuitton. You suddenly have troubles of memory : you totally forgot that you hated the color camel, the oversized skirts and the butterfly glasses when you have seen the last collection of Prada, Chloe or Cacharel. Now, your friends don't recognize you in your monastic-chic outfit, with a cape, s'il vous plait. You just really can't stand the bodysuit ... Sorry Gaga.
This winter, we will all look like our boyfriend
"Good Lord, Honey ! I can't go out with you tonight, you look like my little brother !" Nevermind, you can go out alone. With your man suit, you look like an italian mafioso, and nobody will pick a quarrel with you. Besides, the bouncer will certainly congratulate you for your Chloe or your Balmain suit, the very same he just bought the day before. Inside the club, your military medals will shine like diamonds, and even if it's hot, you will not drop your leather and fur bomber, because the army is so in these days, too bad for the G.I. in Afghanistan. If Marc Jacobs and Dries Van Noten said that looking like a man is cool, it must be right. After all, the woman is just a man like an other.
This winter, we will all like country music
Carey Mulligan is our new prophet of fashion : after the pixie crop, the Stetson is compulsory. Since we have to look like men, we should look like the coolest of them : the cow boys. We can get dirty without a problem with jeans shirt, velvet pants, loafers and tweed jacket. Hee-hoo ladies ! Let's go to the nearest Moschino shop by horse ! We could even find a bowler hat at the Hermes Saloon ! And maybe we will leave our stirrups at Kenzo, Dior and Ralph Lauren Collection ...
This winter, we will all have cold feet
Too bad, you've finally found the perfect nail varnish for your feet and it's already winter. Don't worry ! The peep toes boots will give you the opportunity to show your toes, even if it's snowing ! As long as you are wearing Louboutins, Jimmy Choos or Alexander Wang boots, it won't matter if your feet turned blue. Blue ? Isn't it this season's color ? No, it's camel, too bad. Whatever, maybe next summer trend will be the legless women ?
Pictures : Chloe, Louis Vuitton, Kate Moss for Isabel Marant, Carey Mulligan for Vogue, and Jimmy Choo's shoe.


  1. i love your article! it is very entertaining!

    following your blog dear

  2. To the point! I really don't get those damn peeping toe boots... And why do they design ugly stuff? What's more important - are the people buying that stuff blind?
    Greeting from Croatia!


  3. Thank you for your answers.
    Jelena, sadly, people sometimes need others to tell them what to wear to build their own fashion identity. But errors are positive in the sense that they help you growing up and realizing what is better for you, and fashion.


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