Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Winter Hiatus

I have something special to celebrate and share with you today. This is my 100th message on this blog. Wow ! I didn't expect that when I have started it back in March ... It has been a very intense year, posting nearly one article per day. I've tried to give you the best, always ... Hope you liked it.
So now, I have decided to do a little break for the holidays. I will imitate the TV series and put The Column into a Winter Hiatus. But that doesn't mean that it will be a vacation for me ... Oh no ! It's just that I will work on many other projects ( my other blog, Midnight Blue Hawk will have a makeover, I also plan several collaborations with websites and magazines , plus some personal writing projects ). I will keep you updated for sure ! I will also prepare The Column for its come-back in 2011 ... Faithful readers, I promise you the best for January ! 
No time for rest ! But of course, I will enjoy the Holidays ...

I wish you a great, warm, delicious Christmas and a New Year 2011 full of brand new discoveries ...

For Chistmas, I would love some feedback ... ( you can choose until 3 different answers )

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  1. History of fashion! Something Id love to hear about!


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