Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Shopping : Steampunk Jewellery

Oscar Crow on Etsy $38,00
 The word may be unfamiliar to you. Originally, steampunk designates a sub-genre of literature devote to Victorian-settled science-fiction and fantastic stories. But the genre has grown up thanks to thousands of amateurs, and is now widely represented in the world of what we can call "fringe fashion", as "fringe sciences" exist. Recently, a great name of steampunk fashion has raised in the mainstream conversation : designer Mildred Von Hildegard, who was dispossessed of one of her creations by Willow Smith. But, today, we are going to focus on steampunk jewellery, or more generally fantasy jewels.
Les bijoux de Sophie 175,00 euros - Pamela Love $575,00 - Glazed Black Cherry on Etsy $22,99
 The vanitas are of course a great part of it, as death was a very current pattern in Victorian era, and is still the main character of many steampunk novels. The skulls dehumanize themselves : they are winged for designer Sophie, animals for Pamela Love, and become elegant ladies of cameo. This is just a glimpse on the trendy Danse Macabre you can find in the world of jewellery.
Somk price on demand
 Impossible to talk of steampunk without quoting Howard Philip Lovecraft. The writer's monsters carry on inspiring nowadays artists and you can find several octopus as rings, pendants, necklaces and brooches. But I have crushed on a designer of Deviantart ( ) who recreated the great Cthulhu himself and the scary shoggoths. The pieces are awesome, very well detailed and mysterious. A must-have of arty jewels with a meaning.
Glazed Black Cherry on Etsy $29,99 - Maria Francesca Pepe £515 - Tina Tarnoff on Etsy $50,00
 Werewolves, vampires, witches, all the classic Victorian creatures can also be easily found on gold mine website Etsy, with delicate prices and sometimes free shipping for our American friends. There is even a section devoted to steampunk, Victorian and gothic jewels. For other edgy accessories, you can always go to Young British Designers and Bona Drag, but everything will be more expensive.
Personally, here are my favourites ... Christmas gifts, somebody ???
Pia £30,00 - J.W. Anderson £54,00 - Steamdesign $59,95

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