Friday, December 3, 2010

Trend : Plaid Guilty

Campaign for M.A.C. Cosmetics
 After Russia, Africa and Brazil, it is time to turn ourselves toward the north of Great Britain. Scotland is suddenly becoming very hype, very far from the clichés of the bearded men in skirt who lift trunks and eat haggis and whisky. We have to credit this spectacular change to the iconic brand Pringle of Scotland and its luminous muse, Tilda Swinton. But the success of the tartan pattern was a very long way. Long time relegated to the school uniforms, the gross lolita's imagery, the punks and the lumberjacks, the plaid started to become more fashionable thanks to the Olsen twins. Afterwards, they were copied many times by starletts such as Lindsay Lohan, and the two Taylors, Swift and Momsen.
1. Eugenia Kim Headband 2. J.Crew shirt 3. Versus 4. Sam Page in Moods of Norway 5. Speck for Iphone
 But the casual trend of the plaid shirt ( or the punkier plaid pant worn by Kate Moss ) ended in contaminating the world of luxury and of Haute Couture. It was quite usual in the collections Anglomania and McQ, but soon, it appears in more mainstream lines such as Versus and even Prada, which transformed it into something rough and a bit old granny-esque. Now, plaid is a safe bet for a fashionista, and since Kate Middleton is the new heroin of Great Britain, numerous are the magazines that went into ecstasy over her plaid miniskirt.
1. Topshop bag 2. Tibi dress 3. Rag & Bone 4. Kate Middleton 5. Etoile Isabel Marant shirt
 Now, plaid is almost associated with glamour, and we can see thousands of top-models off-duty, wearing it in outfits worthy of the pages of Vogue Magazine, even if they still recall the ones of the infamous Dukes of Hazzard. Fashion is a very peculiar think ! But the shirt aside, tartan is a very serious thing if associated with accessories such as Comme des Garçons clutches, Speck Iphone pads or Burberry's scarves and coats. Used as a detail, it competes with fur this winter and still has its best days ahead.
1. Prada 2. Markus Lupfer top 3. Magdalena Frackowiak 4. Malcolm McLaren 5. Dr. Martens boots
 For evidence, the new campaign of Canadian brand of make-up M.A.C. which honours Scotland with a range of dignified and exquisite make-up cases to die for. Also, a special crush for the Fall collection of Rag & Bone.
With its attractive colours and designs, the traditional material of the Scottish families represents a genuine economical manna for the designers and the brands. Adaptable to every look and every budget, it is the happiness of all the fashionistas, mainstream or indie ones. At least a product that makes everyone come to an agreement, what a pleasure !
M.A.C. Cosmetics "Tartan Tale"


  1. I love plaid. I have atleast 15 plaid garments in my closet. (No kidding)
    So YES! Im ALL for this trend
    great post :)

  2. I love plaid it is classic. And I am all for it reinventing itself for new trends.

  3. Hiya and thank you for following Redpoppy and linking us! I did a post on this MAC campaign and while I looove the redhead model and the plaids, I found that the makeup itself didn't reflect the theme, sadly:)


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