Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Fashion : Z-Mode, not just another alphabet letter

 During last London Fashion Week, my eyes have been caught by a new designer's collection. Right in the trend of the return of an old-fashioned elegance, brand Z-Mode brought simplicity and a very personal vision of contemporary feminity in a Fashion Week where sobriety was opportune.
Created by Lithuanian-born Victoria Rangayah, a heady brunette, the brand seems to be an antidote for the exuberant students of our Londonian Fashion Schools.
 Indeed, Z-Mode is created by a woman, for us, the women.
 After working for a denim manufacturer, Victoria Rangayah wanted to design something more feminine and elegant, according to her own desires. She spent 5 years in South Africa, developing her style, which she defines by the catchline "Opposites attract each other". Her goal is to mix the codes of fashion : those of feminity with masculinity, of the past with the present ( not yet the future, but the brand is young ).
The fabrics are also treated as cooking or chemistry ingredients, and the designer seems to play with them to create unuasual textures. Of course, it is not yet very punchy, but at least you can wear the clothes at work or in the streets without passing for an original. For the Spring/Summer 2011, the lines are romantics, the nude colour is at the rendez-vous, but we already feel that something bigger, fiercer is preparing. Now based in Manchester, Z-Mode has got everything to become one of the promising names of tomorrow. Can't wait to buy ...

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  1. i love the first dress the most! =]


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