Friday, June 18, 2010

Trend : Studded like a Rock Star

Keith Richards and the American bikers got it bad : the fashion designers and the fashionistas are stealing their hallmark, the studs. Indeed, the trend is to look like a science fiction warrior, straight out from Blade Runner, a tough girl ready to fight with her armored clothes and weapon-like accessories. Rihanna understood it well and rocks the style at each of her public appearances. This winter, if you don't have myriads of studs all over your body, you will be a bit dull. I have concocted a little selection to inspire you.

My personal favourite : this Diane Von Furstenberg dress seen on Blake Lively. It is really elegant and sparkle just enough to make you look like a divine creature. Beware of not abusing of the studs or people would confuse you with the avant-gardist design interior ...

The must-have of the winter : studded leggings and shoulder pads. A good match too, especially in black, for an Agyness Deyn-like style.

If you're afraid of the weight of studded clothes, opt for the shoes : everyone will be at your feet, but don't mind if they don't notice that you've changed your hairdo.
And finally, what would be an outfit without acessories ? I have fallen in love with this adorable and fierce Sonia Rykiel bag, with its two compartments and its revisited classic purse shape. Every bag is great with studs on, in every color, so don't hesitate. But stay discreet, avoid the Middle-Age inspired acessories or your friends would think that you got a job in a SM club.
So, to be studded or not to be ? That is the question : is it too fierce ? Too bling ? At least, no one would annoy you anymore in the subway. Who said that fashion was useless ?

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