Monday, June 7, 2010

Spotlight : The rise of Lara Jade

In life, there are those who take their time, and those, in the contrary, who are born to live faster. Lara Jade seems to be of the latters.
Born in 1989, she discovered the art of photography at the age of 15, like any other teenager, and started experimented through self-portraits and fantasy shots. But the precocious and gifted British girl soon turned her hobby into a more serious business : at only 17, she had already started her own business, Lara Jade Photography, and worked for various clients. Among them, Sony Music and the BBC ...
In 2009, she won the Public Choice Award at the AOP Open Awards, proving her popularity in her profession and in the public's eye. She is now a very busy business woman, represented by agencies in London and Milan. Beauty face, she also models for other photographers and keep shooting herself ( the first picture is a self-portrait ).
I had the pleasure to meet Lara on Flickr some years ago, and I discovered both her talent and kindness. She took the time to talk with me about her already impressive work.

Her universe is a perfect mix of grace and wilderness, ethereal and fierce, and her portraits have, at the same time, a taste of avant-garde and of old magic.
I particulary like her photoshot for Lush Magazine, with its audacious look : she gave a plastic effect to the models, turning them into punk dolls or contemporary sculptures of nymphs.
With Lara, there is no half-measure : when it must be girly, it's romantic and when it must be darker, it's rock'n'roll.

I advice you to keep an eye on Lara Jade, because she has everything to be the next big thing in Fashion and Photography Industry.
You can admire her work on her website or on her Flickr page

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