Monday, June 21, 2010

Spotlight : Laura Ferreira takes your breathe away

I will pick again one of my FlickR friends for this new Spotlight : this time, it is the turn of the wonderful Laura Ferreira.
This 25 years old self-taught photographer has quickly grown as one of the most interesting young talent of this decade.
The Trinidad and Tobago blond beauty is a genius of color and light, and threat her pictures like digital paints. For this reason, you will often find her in the cover of Photoshop dedicated magazines, but it would be a shame to reduce her to that.

Laura is a photographer first, with an artist eye, who is able to reveal her models full glory in neat and mastered shot. Her style is really fierce, theatrical and even a bit gothic, perhaps more in the architectural meaning than in the fashion one.
She works with the best, music artists, fashion houses, make-up designers and stylists, to offer us inspiring and moving photographies.

Don't miss her fabulous website at, and if you can escape the hypnotic charm of her Sphinx/dark angel header, take a look at her beautiful pictures, also on her FlickR page at

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