Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Fashion : Spend your Summer in Moschino

Even if it is hard to believe it when you look at your window, Summer is coming, and Spring is already here. It is time to go in your dressing room and make some space for lighter and summery clothes. The fashion designers would never miss the rendez-vous, and I will pick the best pieces of the season for you. Let's start with my favourite, the Italian designer Moschino, through his 3 brands, Moschino, Moschino Cheapandchic and Love Moschino.

The S/S collection of Moschino is a high colored show. First, you will find Black and classy outfits with gold and pearls details which remind of vintage Chanel and Audrey Hepburn. Then, a festival of prints : navy blue or yellow hearts, red cherries, Creole dresses and headscarves, Slavonic-looking embroideries and clouds of precious silk. It relieves us after the poor precollection that was introduced earlier, with its ingenuous outfits of nude and black colors, very uncluttered and even too strict. Special mention to the bags though.

For the main collection of Moschino Cheapandchic, the retro chic is more successful. Dots and flounces marry well with kitsch details such as daisy hats and flower-shaped sunglasses. The collection is very romantic, with delicate openwork dresses, Vichy fabric, satin and floral prints. However, maybe there is too much frou-frou, and it is a bit heavy on the messages and the lace, but I like the audacious colors and the large skirts.
The precollection is the best of the season with its gorgeous top hats and its modernized 20s look. The masculine-chic outfits reminds me of Jules and Jim and model Twiggy. It is very old England, with touches of bright colors which add pop. The whole collection is a marvel, and I would buy every piece.

After that, Love Moschino is quite disappointing. Flowers, pastel and navy blue are deja-vu. The main theme is retro summer cruise and the outfits are rather classic, at the limit of tasteless. The precollection is in the same spirit but with more modern cuts.
You can admire my selection of outfits worn by my doll in the pictures, or in real life at

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