Monday, March 14, 2011

Fashion : Occult Audacity

Vogue Paris (
Obviously, this year is very spiritual. I introduced it with an humorous article on Astrology, End of the World and Christopher Kane, and went on with a guide of trendy protections ( Shopping : Paranormal Activity ). But things reached a higher level with the launch of Marios Schwab Spring Summer collection : the London-based young designer adorned his clothes and accessories with occult symbols. Pentacles, Horus eyes, triangles, Freemasons compass, etc. The whole collection plays with the vintage esoteric drawings with a very surprising result. Bold or too risqué ?   
Marios Schwab S/S 2011 (
Indeed, those symbols are not senseless ones. Some of them are sharing very strong meanings, which still scare some people. Things related to Freemasonry are not always well-perceived and each times the order's symbols are used, or thought to have been used, it causes an avalanche of reactions on internet. Artists using the triangle symbol for example, such as Rihanna, Jay-Z and Lady Gaga, have been accused of being freemasons. I won't launch into a decoding of this, because it would certainly cause a fierce debate and I'm not interested on doing this because conspiracies and such things bore me.
Francisco Goya - Flying witches
I'm not into black magic or occultism, but I have to admit that mysterious imagery entertains and attracts me. I am found of those old engraving of Baldung Grien showing witches, by the paintings of Goya illustrating witching hours, all the illustrations of those old books of ancient medecine and modern fantasy art. For example, I am really found of Emily the Strange's sibylline world. So, Schwab's clothes seduce me, but at the same time, I think it is perhaps too provocative. I would not go out with them, except discreet accessories such as the purse and shoes. It is not that I'm scared by their meaning; not at all. But I don't want to run in my aunt's path, you know the one who thinks that aliens exist and who talks with spirits. I don't believe in those things, so it would be inapropriate to show off with those symbols.
Marios Schwab shoes (
What I would definitely wear are prints inspired by those symbols. Not mocking them : just paying tribute to the aesthetics. I picked two examples for you. First is a very cute dress of the Emily the Strange's clothing line, which reminds this interesting top from Marios Schwab's collection. Then, there are those crazy-fun-amazing thighs by Rodarte for Opening Ceremony which creates the effect of tatoos, without the pain and permanency, and have enigmatic vintage symbols on them. Great ways to be edgy without being too much provocative. And I guess, also less expensive ...
Emily the Strange 37,99 euros - Marios Schwab (
Rodarte for Opening Ceremony $110,00
Special message : I won't advice you to buy Lady Gaga's prayer bracelets, but if you could have a strong and empathic thought for the people of Japan who are enduring something really close to the end of the world right now, and who don't find it funny at all, that would be a great thing. I hope things will be alright for them and I wish them good luck.


  1. Great article, Samantha:)Things are said well and pictures illustrate the theme also well.

    Best wishes from Aggy~

  2. i love this post!! i totally agree with you in that i am completely fascinated with all the symbols but wouldn't wear a lot of the more "provocative" ones outside of the house.

    found you on IFB - stop by my blog sometime!!

    xo, alex

  3. Rihanna and Gaga? Aren't Freemasons male-only?

    Did Dan Brown LIE to me?? :O

    I like this post. If the signs and symbols used on these clothes are taken from people and from the past, I can't help but feel that the designer has a responsibility to educate hir buyers on what they mean/have meant.

  4. Maybe he is a Dan Brown fan :P
    Maybe he found them interesting and wanted to feature them in his collection...
    The clutch featured on one of the first pictures is really interesting...The symbols look Egyptian (especially the eye)


  5. This is an absolutely amazing post. It's so very interesting and the writing is well wrote well. I adore the symbols used here! This is a great post!


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