Thursday, January 27, 2011

Shopping : Paranormal Activity

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  I already told you about my aliens-inspired aunt. I have also a cousin who locks herself in each time there is an eclipse or a change of year. We all have those persons in our circle who believe in supernatural events, who throw salt behind the shoulder, who are mystical or superstitious. I am agnostic, I have a black cat and I don't believe in poltergeists and chupacabras. But, lately, I was quite unlucky, you know these days were the car broke down, you have to walk under the rain without your umbrella, you catch a cold and everything goes wrong. So, I guess than having a little something against a potential "evil eye" can't be bad. You can chose something simple, such as Kate Moss and her necklace with a horseshoe, but here is a little supernatural shopping guide ...
Helmut Lang at Matches £165
 If you believe in life after death and that good spirits could help you, you can go for ghost-print t-shirts, such as tops by Helmut Lang and Rick Owens. You would also need a good Ouija board.
Les Chiffoniers at Shopbob $560 - Shroud of Turin
 For centuries, Christians have believed in the power of the relics. I guess than leggings inspired by the Shroud of Turin are better than reducted heads or bones of a saint. But if you like bones, I advice you to read my articles on Vanitas. Plus Givenchy t-shirts at Louisaviaroma and the jewellery designer Corpus Christi.
Ann-Sofie Back for Topshop £45 - photo Eric Lafforgue, all rights reserved
 If you are not christian, I guess that voodoo and black magic can be useful too. Paint yourself with protection symbols or buy this mysterious top by Ann-Sofie Back for Topshop. You can also buy voodoo dolls and clothes inspired by them at Complete your attire with a star hat by Justin Smith Esq.
Lito Karakostanoglou at Galerie BSL, price on demand
 But perhaps something older could be more efficient. In Ancient Egypt, the scarab was a strong protector and always worn as an amulet. Jewellery creator Lito Karakostanoglou offers us a lot of these little bugs. If you hate insects, you can always turn yourself toward the power of the Daisy Jewellery chakra charm bracelets : or to Peruvian inspired charm by Nadka.
Albion Triketry by Pete Doherty - DimePiece collar $40 t-shirt $32 - Urban Outfitters 12 euros
 But every movie about supernatural and evil forces have taught you that the best weapon was the cross. Pete Doherty might have been influenced by his former girlfriend Kate, as he has launched a collection of crosses. Ideal for exorcisms.
Truly Madly Deeply 12 euros
But if bad luck still follows you, you can always cheek her with a survivor attitude : to Hell and back ! The important thing is to believe in your good star, isn't it ?


  1. Great post! I really enjoyed your comparisons between the other-worldly and fashion. Very thought-provoking actually...

    Lucy x
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  2. I love your insight. :)

  3. love the pic inspiration, gost tshirt!

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