Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Spotlight : The many arts of Jordan Askill

 Jordan Askill is not just a sculptor. He's not just a brother. He's not just a jewellery designer either. Because Jordan Askill deserves more than one label. Even his name on the new NEWGEN's list is not enough to describe the huge talent which this Aussie artist possesses.
After earning his stripes in his hometown of Sydney, working at Ksubi and on many other projects such as costumes for a dance company, the third Askill brother flew to Paris, which is unfortunately a passage obligé for the young designers.
 There, Jordan Askill worked 3 years for the prestigious Dior Hommes. But soon, the young artist decided to play by his own rules. At the same time sculptor and designer, Jordan created a singular universe where you can meet the gods of your childhood, plastic knights and horses, head of boy dolls, all floating in a different weightlessness. His creations share a unique poetry, a mix of melancholy and passion. Static or in a latent movement, the sculptures and the jewels remind us our former toys, which we've imagined they could move when we weren't looking.
Costume for Sydney-based dance company "Are we that we are"
 This idea of motion is also developped by the artist with his brothers, directors Daniel and Lorin, in short films, video installations, commercials and more. But there is no risk that Jordan would spread himself too thin. He is heading toward a precise goal, motivated by a special energy. The artist perfectly masters the techniques of the past and the present, and seems determined to used them for the art of the future.
If you wish to encourage this newcomer in the world of fashion, you can find some pieces on the website of French retailer I guess that with an helping hand of NEWGEN, we will hear more about Jordan Askill in the future : why not a desirable collection at Topshop ?
This year I have decided to back my articles with mood songs. Horses of Patti Smith looked like an obvious choice for this one, perhaps not only because of the title but also the odd energy.

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  1. This jewelery is BANANAS. Also love the idea of the mood song. The whole horses album is incredible, thanks for reminding me of it. I am definitely going to kick of my work day with it tomorrow.

    So, I am an official follower of your blog and actually have my own streetstyle blog called Trés Awesome. I am holding my very first personal style giveaway. The best 3 looks posted score some classic Chanel makeup and will be featured on my site.

    You should totally enter!!!


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