Thursday, January 6, 2011

Fashion : Reading the Stars with Christopher Kane

 The beginning of a year is always the time to talk about astrology and horoscopes.

Raise your hand if you like to read those pages in the magazines. I do, I'm not ashamed of it. But I don't believe in it at all. One example : ever since they predict that I will get a job, I think I should be CEO by now ... I guess my aunt would tell me that it's because the aliens are interfering with the waves. Yes, I have that type of aunt, which may explain the fact I am such a sceptic.
I can't get this 2012's thing either. So, apparently, we are all going to die next year because the Mayas told so. Okay. Knowing that most of these guys thought that earth was flat, I guess we can consider them as highly reliable ...
I don't know what designer Christopher Kane think about all this ( maybe we should ask him, after all his opinion is worth thousand of Mayas, as far as I know ), but what is certain is that his Resort 2011 collection is genuinely stellar. Along allowing you to show off at your Astronomy Club or to consider a career of guru, the whole collection is so adorable you can wear it on many occasions, casual or party. Proof is Carey Mulligan wore one of the dresses at a premiere : this gal has got flair for sure, but I can't help thinking that a Star wearing stars is a bit redundant ...
My immediate thought when first contemplating Kane's nebulae prints was for Nut, the Egyptian mythology's goddess, not the dried fruit ( yes I have that kind of thought, that's why I was called an alien in high-school; don't tell that to my aunt ). Nut is the goddess of the sky, and is often pictured as a women covered with a night sky. The Egyptians didn't predict the end of the world for next year so, for me, they are much cooler. It's not necessary to be an ancient goddess to wear the fascinating silk clothes of Christopher Kane, but you will definitely feel superior. It's not neccessary to add more, the clothes are perfect.
Unfortunately, even if I just had a substantial income ( which my horoscope forgot to mention ), my chance to buy a piece of that collection is pretty much as feasible as a trip to the moon. Here's the dilemma : if we are all going to die next year, we'd better enjoy 2011 and do everything we want, including a HUGE shopping ! But if it happens that we are still here in January 1st of 2013, it is our bank account which would have a HUGE problem ... I think that I've just found the "IT subject of conversation" of the year : "What are you going to wear for Apocalypse ?" I guess that answering Christopher Kane is definitely appropriate.

Oh, and don't forget to make a wish, a shooting star ( Etoile filante, the title of that song of German electro music band Neo Filigrante ) is passing :


  1. Very interesting clothes. They're lovely though. The first few days of a year brings out the astrology lover of me as well for some reason, haha :) xo

  2. I like that galaxy skirt. I'd totally wear it :)

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