Monday, February 14, 2011

Trend : Restraining Order

Hermes SS2011
***First of all, my apologies for the lack of articles the previous week : I wrote for magazines instead, with a lot of meetings and work. But now, back to my personal business.***

 The other day, I stumbled accross Rihanna's new video and my first thought have been "Ouch!". Not because I caught a flick of her whip, but because I was thinking about that theory which says that ridicule doesn't kill. For a girl who's got a lot of bad publicity because of a former abusive boyfriend, I don't think it is very pertinent to release a song and video which scream "OH PLEASE HURT ME!" ... Well, I guess this is just my point of view, and that she mainly wanted to criticize the ambiguous relationship between an artist and medias, this without being familiar with the concept of subtlety ... But I also caught all the references to David LaChapelle and spotted a Fleet Ilya's belt when she walks her 50s milkman-dog. Wait a minute. Is it me or the brand seems to have got a strong connivance with the all-of-a-sudden dominatrix singer, and also with the whole Industry ? Does this latter need a whiplash after crisis ?
Hermes SS2011
 For many decades now, women have been liberated, thanks to the magazines and designers. Decades of freedom to work, to have sex when you want, to wear what you want and to live how you want. How exhausting ! But Industry is so caring it has developped products which would ease our angsts of free bitches ... I guess we are all unaware of the comfort a 50s housewife's outfit could bring ! Ha, being devoted mothers and wives -with that emblematic idiotic smile-, again ! But for the die-hard out there, who can't help thinking by themselves, I guess bondage would be the radical cure. And, good for you ! You don't have to humiliate yourself again in a sex shop because you can't find your size of corset, because bondage is quietly becoming mainstream. Example ? No, no, the Spring Summer collection of Hermes is not equestrian-themed. The guys didn't fool Carine Roitfield, the queen of porno chic, and I guess you don't need a degree to add leather + straps + whips and find what it truly means ...
 But I guess it is just a little bit more subtle than Rihanna learning Shibari ( the japanese art of restraining ). Another winner in the categories of "You saw it coming, don't you ?" and "I found myself very smart when I've decided of that name" is brand Bordelle which directly refers to the french word for brothel ( with a mistake s'il vous plaît ). Its products ? Lingerie. But the kind of lingerie you fear to discover inside the cute little gift-wrap Darling gave you on Valentine's. The one which remind you that 1) you've failed your diet AGAIN 2) you've forgot to buy talc AGAIN 3) your mother was right AGAIN. I guess you totally know what I mean.
Plein Sud
As it is actually Valentine's Day today, let me give you some hints of what you could receive this night : a dress which wants to be sexy but screams "YOU'RE MY LITTLE UNDERPANTS WASHER !" instead ( All Saints ), a dress (yes, I swear you, they call it a dress !) which will be very creative this summer with the appropriate tanning and which would totally consolitade your mother-in-law in the idea that you are totally insane ( Plein Sud ), and accessories which will turn Wonder Woman and Leigh Bowery totally green with envy ( Gabriella Marina Gonzalez ). But if he gifts you with a Phylea ball-gag (yes he stole and secretly read your Numero magazine ) don't do your Rihanna : that will be definitely the signal to FLEE. 
Oh, did I just spoiled your Valentine's surprise ??? I'm such a naughty girl ... 
All Saints £135,00


  1. Haha! Well this is funny and cool. Totally 'whipped' ! ;)

  2. This post is a good idea: it's time to change our point of view on "what is trendy"!!!

  3. I loved the post - witty, funny at times and quite the eye-opener.

    I must admit I kind of loved it when the harness trend came up first a couple of seasons ago - now it scares me to think of the underlying, subconscious implications, haha.

  4. While I do agree that it would be weird to receive lingerie like this from your boyfriend without previously discussing this aesthetic, and that the line between S&M and abuse looks awfully blurry in some cases, I just want to remark that there are women who choose to wear clothes like that, or engage in S&M in either role. I have a friend who is the most serene, un-oppressed, independent-minded and sane person, but she happens to like being tied up, etcetera, in a sexual setting. We have to put the - admittedly oppressive - symbolism of this aesthetic behind us and focus on what people themselves want when they fully have free choice.

  5. What an insightful article! Thank you for sharing your thoughts. I guess I hadn't considered the whole Rihanna-abuse-S&M thing before.

  6. beautiful strapped dresses.... i saw the one in all saints the other day and was immediately drawn to it!


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