Monday, February 21, 2011

A girl, a style : Emma Who ?

"Gimme that trophy, you old cow!" Emma W. (copyright unknown)
 Someone had got a great moment of solitude last week. No, it wasn't Lady Gaga doing her Tweety Bird at the Grammys, but someone called Emma Watson during the Elle Style Awards. Vivienne Westwood, the famous veteran designer, who was supposed to give her the Best Dressed Award, declared in front of the whole audience that she didn't have a clue of who this kid was ... Quite ironic, isn't it ? How could you deserve that kind of award if one of the most powerful designers of the world doesn't even know you ? I see you coming, don't blame it on Alzheimer. Because, really : who the hell is Emma Watson ?

(copyright unknown)
 I know, I know ...  I should empathize with her, because that kid really seems to have an issue with fame. For example, she seems to have a secret talent for public humiliation, with a collection of wardrobe malfunction close to great art. But, I can't help it, for me she has the profile of the perfect punch-bag.
First, I can't consider her as an actress because for me, what she did in Harry Potter was certainly not acting : at best, these movies are school shows with special effects. Secondly, I don't understand why everyone is rhapsodizing about her pseudo sense of style. I beg you pardon ? Emma Watson, stylish ??? Let's be a bit serious for once. Most of the time, she looks like a little girl who has borrowed her mummy's clothes and make-up. When she slips on a Burberry jacket, it is a gulag version of Jodie Foster in Taxi Driver !
Marie Claire December 2010
And her pixie crop ( see my article "Pixie crop someone ?" ) is a total disaster. She wanted to be the new Jean Seberg or the new Edie Sedgwick but she looks more like a post-cancer Izzie Stevens or Martine, an heroine of French vintage illustrated books for children. If you cut your hair to look more mature, avoid to put a childish flower on it ... I swear you, I'm trying really hard to like Emma Watson, but I just can't. She reminds me those pictures of kittens : cute, of course, but totally hokey.
Emma Watson is a young girl who had the luck to become famous really soon, and as she is an idol for the young public, many brands are using her image for their marketing campaigns. But that doesn't mean that she has got a natural sense of fashion. She's wearing what she's told to, and most of the times, it is more than silly. Stop trying to put edgy dresses on her, she's subscribed to Peter Pan collars and polished shoes. Miss Watson must grow up a little more if she wants to become a real fashionista.
But as for now, Emma darling, go back playing with your Little Pony and leave Grandma Westwood in peace !

copyright Simon Procter for Harper's Bazaar


  1. Emma as Martine, lol!!!!

  2. Bravo....made me chuckle until i did a little wee!...she's the opposite of mutton dressed as lamb...lamb dressed as mutton i guess??!!!

  3. I must say I disagree. I think Emma is a wonderful role-model for young girls; she's well spoken and brave. (Going from really long hair to a pixie cut is not an easy thing to do for most girls.) I don't know if she has a stylist, but I've never had any problems with her red carpet outfits.

  4. VIVIENNE FUCKING RULES and I don't know why people say this little turd has great style, either. She plays it very safe, all the time. Snoresville. And if Vivienne thinks she's shit, then I do too. HA!

  5. I agree with Amelie in that I think Emma is a great role model for younger girls. I do think that people overestimate her sense in [both] acting and style. I don't know how she became the spokesperson for Burberry. She was certainly cute doing it, but I was asking, "Why her?" Also, her hair looked better pre-pixie cut! I really hope she grows it back.


  6. My darling ... who is you? This is the question.
    To me you're just a fat girl jealous because none of these clothes from Emma go through this big head full of shit.
    You certainly should not know anything about fashion.

  7. Haha, not jealous at all, and very slim thank you ! You, as I see, are just an anonymous, so I guess your opinion doesn't weight more ! Sorry, darling !
    Thanks for the open-minds who commented.


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