Tuesday, March 16, 2010

A girl, a style : We want more Kristen Bell !

I must admit that I was sceptical after reading the plot of serie Veronica Mars, but it only took me few seconds to change my opinion as Kristen Bell appeared on the screen. She was amazing, completely inside the skin of this cunning high-school detective who tried to solve the murder of her best friend. The show was great, but Kristen brought the witty element for sure.
The 30 years old actress is a 5'1'' extract of pure energy, with sparkling eyes, a mischievous smile and beautiful face and hair. Looks like she has got everything for her.
Before her break out role in Veronica Mars, Kristen Bell made several appearances on TV, in series like Deadwood, American Dreams and The Shield, and had consequent parts in movies like thriller Spartan with Val Kilmer. But after 3 great years in the shoes of Veronica, the young lady seems to have difficulties to detach herself of her famous role.
Hitherto, she had played a CSI-type actress in crude comedy Forgetting Sarah Marshall. Then, she won the guest role of Elle Bishop, the high-voltage love interest of Zachary Quinto, in popular serie Heroes, but failed to secure a regular part. She is also the narrator's voice of preppy serie Gossip Girl, a character of video game and the wife of Jason Bateman in comedy Couples Retreat.

But, hopefully, her next important roles would be in the romantic comedy When in Rome, also starring Josh Duhamel, and the musical Burlesque, where she will perform along famous singers Christina Aguilera and Cher. For yes, she can sing, she even has got a great voice, and she is used to perform in front of audiences as she started her career in Broadway. She even played with superstars Laura Linney and Liam Neeson in the 2002 play The Crucible. Kristen likes the scene. She even dreamed to become a stand-up comic. She certainly would be successful, as she has got a real sense of humor and comedy.
She is also appreciated by photographers as a model : she even had been shot for famous magazine Vanity Fair in a retro pin-up theme.

In pictures or in public events, Kristen Bell shows her grace and style, always dressed with tasty yet sober outfits. As far as I know, she seems to be a very natural woman, sane and intelligent, not just a pretty face. When she is not all doll up, she is also a proud vegetarian, doesn't hesitate to volunteer for humanitary actions in South America or saves and protects animals. For sure, she is a very positive and energetic person, who could be a role model for young girls and women.
Recently engaged to boyfriend actor Dax Shepard, I wish her the best in her life and in her career, and hope that she will stay the smiling heroin we all like !

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