Friday, March 12, 2010

Spotlight : Patric Shaw, State of Grace

"It's your limits that define your style" is Patric Shaw's motto, but it doesn't seem to match his work. There is a spark of infinity in his photographies, something bigger than their subject, and you fail to find any limit in the beauty you are witnessing.

I first met Shaw's work many years ago, on Flickr, and it was soon clear that no one can compete with him in portraits. He transcends faces, turns skin into silk, eyes into precious stones, hair into ivory. His portraits are modern painting, which don't have to blush of a comparison with Titian, Caravaggio or Boticelli.

Every picture is a cold but luminous morning, and every woman a nymph, with that kind of charming anxiety into her eyes, as if she was wondering where she had awaken.

Shaw succeeds in capturing the sensibility of his models. He, who photographed Penelope Cruz, Liv Tyler, Thandie Newton, Agyness Deyn and many more, seems to capture a bit of soul in pixels.

If Shaw was a traveller in his youth, born in West Germany, living in Cyprus, Singapore, Malaysia, England and finally Australia, he makes us travel through a Wonderland, full of Alices and mysterious Sphinx-women.

I strongly invite you to visit his website and his Flickr page to discover this wonderful fashion photographer.

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